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Living Black door hardware at Parklane Residences in The Hague

Living Black door hardware at Parklane Residences in The Hague

Unique living in 1930s business-expressionist style

Recently, the Parklane Residences apartment complex in The Hague underwent a major renovation. The building was used as an office for a time, but is now regaining its original residential function. The luxurious apartments are rented with prices ranging between €1500 and €4,000 and are situated in one of The Hague’s most beautiful villa districts: the Van Stolkpark.

The apartment complex on Van Stolkweg in The Hague was designed in 1928 by architect Willem Verschoor in the business-expressionist style. Its stylistic features were restored to their full glory in the renovation and even enhanced by Delft-based Fokkema & Partners Architects.

At the same time
ensured that the building is future-proofed. Each home is unique and has a layout that matches the shape of the building. Needless to say, the 43 apartments meet all the comfort requirements of today. For the door hardware, interior designer Saskia Roelofs-De Tombe recommended using Intersteel’s Living Black line. Roelofs-De Tombe: “In terms of style, the matte black Bau-stil door handles match the business-expressionist style of the apartment complex perfectly. They have nice right angles and a modern black finish. It’s Bauhaus, yet modern.” Intersteel also supplied the black security hardware with SKG*** certification and the brushed stainless steel hinges that contribute to a stylish, luxurious look.

About Intersteel
Intersteel is a manufacturer of stylish door and window hardware with matching accessories. Intersteel understands the art of coupling modern technologies with elegant design. For every home style, there is a product line that adds an extra element to the interior. The products match many interior styles and tastes: Modern & Sleek, Country & Classic or Vintage & Retro.

The lines, both in collaboration with leading architects in the field of interior-related products, and designed in-house, give doors and windows a completely unique finishing touch. Perhaps inconspicuous to many, but present in an atmosphere-supporting way each time.

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