400 series flex induction cooker

Perfectly integrated extraction for the private chef.

Gaggenau, the exclusive brand for professional kitchen appliances, launches the new 400 series flex induction hob with integrated ventilation system. The 90 centimeter wide appliance offers unprecedentedly accurate, fast and flexible cooking with low energy consumption, in combination with integrated ventilation. By removing the concern for clean air, the private chef can focus on creating dishes and entertaining his or her guests. Frameless and flat, the expansive black glass plate fits seamlessly into the modern kitchen with one distinct design difference: the black control knobs. Gaggenau pioneered worktop extraction in Europe in 1976 and has since continued to innovate equipment that provides whisper-quiet ventilation systems to purify the air discreetly.

The integrated ventilation system of this 400 series flex induction hob can be set to automatic so that the air is purified when the hob is switched on. Available in recirculation or exhaust air mode, the hob is able to adjust its own power level based on perceived vapors in the room. Even after the hob has been switched off. Energy-efficient, high-performance motors work together with airflow channels to guarantee a minimum volume of both sound and space, but with a maximum effect: odors are removed during air recirculation thanks to the activated carbon filters. All this allows the private chef to focus on creating dishes, not purifying the air.

An exceptional kitchen requires precise cooking and perfect baking results. The flex induction hob provides both. The hob features expandable cooking zones that use the ingenious flex-induction technology, allowing you to cook like a pro. The cooking zones can be easily joined together to use larger pans up to 30 cm wide or accessories such as a teppanyaki. All this flexibility does not affect the power. The booster function temporarily increases this from 3,300 Watts to 3,700 Watts for a really scorching heat. There is a keep warm function and a roasting sensor that retains an even heat, reducing the risk of burns.

For seamless integration into the worktop, the 90 cm hob is frameless and can be installed flush into the surface. The black glass houses dark air intakes, unobtrusive even when in use. The superior and professional front controls are also available in black. The buttons are both accurate and intuitive; with this, the private chef is always in control of the device.

The flex induction hob with integrated ventilation system is equipped with Home Connect, so that the private chef can operate the appliance online. The integration of Home Connect ensures that the appliance always remains central to the increasingly digital home.

Sven Baacke, Head of Design, Global Brand Gaggenau, says: “The 400 series flex induction hob with integrated ventilation system allows the private chef to cook at home like a professional, without having to worry about purifying the air. . Gaggenau users appreciate exceptional design, so this seamless hob fits into any modern kitchen, with its signature black control knobs making a striking statement.”

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