Abundant greenery in tranquil setting

This villa in the Gooi has a classic architectural style, modernized in the back with black elements. Foske Groenendijk’s garden design fits nicely with the architecture: quiet with clean lines, natural forms and lots of spots to celebrate the outdoors. The rich greenery densely planted along the facades, has a “softening” effect on the home.

Variation and balance
The context – a wooded area – calls for a garden with typical forest plants such as rhododendrons, evergreen clouds and climbers. Existing greenery was maintained to the maximum, sometimes in its original location, sometimes relocated. This will make the prunus, panicle hydrangeas, sycamore and Japanese maple stand out better. Whimsical multi-stemmed trees were also added to provide additional character.

The new planting beds contain a lot of greenery of a limited number of species. This adds to the tranquility of this garden. We also see many diverse ornamental grasses and flowering plants including anemone, geranium, verbena and hydrangea.

Made to live in
Along and among the abundant greenery and large grassy areas, there is plenty of room to linger in comfort. From a lounge area in the side yard and a wellness area with sauna and hot tub in the back, to multiple spots for dining with the extended family at one of two outdoor kitchens. The fact that this garden is made for living does not detract from the aesthetics: harmony is the key word in this design.

In terms of materials and furnishings, there is a lot of consistency with the architecture. The renovated rear of the house was the guide for this. For example, the black pergola and pole walls are inspired by the black facade sections.

Eyecatchers and art
The terraces were laid with gray ceramic tiles in a rectangular format. Furthermore, we see light-colored split that provides an exciting contrast to the abundant grass. Eye-catchers are the long white wall in stucco that simultaneously serves as a bench, and some corten steel elements such as water tables with integrated lighting – a picture after dark.

Because the residents love art, Foske made sure the sight axes ended in statues. Especially at night, these stand out when highlighted with ground spots. The artistic objects attract attention in subtle ways. Through their thoughtful integration into the design, they add an extra dimension – without creating a style break.

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