Cubist villa at Veenendaal

Modern cubist villa with clean lines
In Veenendaal, situated at the foot of the Amerongse berg lies the beautiful new housing estate New Salamander. In addition to its beautiful location, the plan is also characterized by its spacious layout and wide variety of housing types. HaBé realized this modern cubist villa here.

Horizontal lines
A beautiful home with clean lines designed by AGB van Dijk Architects. The façade masonry features a Hilversum format façade brick, the narrower and longer format makes this brick look elegant and creates beautiful horizontal lines. The facade masonry has a set-back continuous grout.

Hilversum-sized facing brick
There are many different brick formats, these are often related to the region where the needed clay was mined and the bricks were fired. Examples include the Waal format, Vecht format and, for example, Rhine format. Some formats are related to size, for example the Liliput format or Thick format. A single type is named after the place where it was first applied. The Hilversum format is a well-known example of this. The Hilversum format was created at the request of architect Dudok for Hilversum’s town hall. Some 680,000 special format yellow bricks were produced for the town hall with the dimensions of 232x43x113 millimeters.

Oak front door
The artisanal facade stucco extends into the eaves, which feature patinated zinc cover moldings and rainwater drains. The beautiful oak front door gives the home a warm, authentic look. Oak exterior doors look warm and cozy; they provide a natural touch among sleek lines and materials. An oak front door provides a unique eye-catching entrance.

Large areas of glass
This cubist villa features huge sliding doors with large areas of glass. The large windows allow for plenty of natural light. The steel double pivot and sliding doors give the house an open and attractive character, daylight is distributed, with each room benefiting from plenty of natural light. A see-through fireplace, also called a tunnel fireplace, is installed between the kitchen and the living room. From both sides you can enjoy impressive flames.

Closed parapet
The traditional stair risers have been replaced with a sloping closed parapet, behind which lies the staircase entrance. A concrete staircase lined with oak treads, executed in Z-model, leads to the second floor. This staircase has a closed balustrade made of wood.

PV installation
The highest flat roof has a pv system mounted on it. Solar panels are environmentally friendly, long-lasting, low-maintenance and also provide savings. The house is heated by geothermal heat, has a high insulation value and was built without a gas connection.

Pleasant porch
In addition to the large terrace at the rear of the house, a pleasant veranda was built at the back of the garden. A sheltered outdoor area with plenty of room to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

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