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What is new will not be observable at first glance. Thanks to the closed round window glass, the GYROFOCUS can now be easily integrated into any interior without compromising its legendary design. The iconic wood-burning fireplace stays close to its origins. FOCUS once again signs off on a technological achievement. Norms change, icons are timeless.

The new GYROFOCUS Glass remains extremely easy to use. Thanks to the regulation of the air supply at the bottom of the opening, it is very easy to adjust the power of the fire and choose low or high intensity. An on-channel key also helps conserve the heat output of the fireplace and keep it in the room

– Yield = 81%
– Heat output = 18 kW
– CO at 13% O2 = 1102 mg / Nm3 (i.e. 0.09%)
– Dust emission = 19 mg/Nm3
– VOC (OGC) at 13% O2 = 34 mg / Nm3
– NOx at 13% O2 = 151 mg/Nm3

The new GYROFOCUS Glass complies with all the new legislation for wood-burning fireplaces that comes into effect from 2022. FOCUS, however, has been pushing boundaries since 2015, meeting the strictest regulations and highest environmental standards, including a 4-star rating from “4 Stelle” in the Italian environmental regulations, one of the most demanding in the world.

More than twelve months of research and development, along with extensive testing were required to develop the GYROFOCUS Glass. Care was taken to keep the original design intact, including the ability to rotate 360°. FOCUS continues to impress with technical prowess in converting designs to the latest and most advanced standards. Respecting the aesthetics of the models. The GYROFOCUS is a prestigious 1968 design that has become an international design classic and the brand’s icon. This model is taught in a school of architecture and was voted “La Cosa Più Bella Del Mondo” (the most beautiful design in the world) by Italians. It is on display at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. The GYROFOCUS Glass now completes the GYROFOCUS collection of wood, gas and outdoor models.

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