Bob Romijnders

Interior design elegant town house, Nijmegen

Our firm transformed a former law firm into a warm and luxurious home. In it, clear sightlines and natural materials create an atmospheric setting. The rich history of the property – from 1908 – is clearly felt and seen. An elegant and stylish selection of colors and materials was chosen in the interior design.

Subtle and intimate
Because of the monumental moldings on the ceiling of the rooms on the first floor, the layout had to be preserved for the most part. However, a small front room is subtly connected indirectly to the living area. The landing was also half-closed to create a more generous toilet. In the existing front and middle rooms, we situated the living kitchen and a sitting room. Both spaces are separated by a new en-suite door. This creates more intimacy, but also an open character is formed and sightlines come into their own.

On the second floor of the house, the monumental elements were missing. As a result, rigorous steps were possible and a completely new layout was created. In our interior design, we created a large, luxurious and comfortable private domain. In it, a long corridor provides connection between the bedroom area, bathroom and walk-in closets. The strength of the corridor is enhanced by a difference in floor finish and an LED line that extends from the front to the back.

Each room has its own surprise and uniqueness and forms an eye-catcher due to its height, light and connection to other rooms. Especially noteworthy are the 3.75-meter-high fire-resistant window on the landing and the custom kitchen, in which Italian marble and beautiful design make a successful marriage.

In the home, the introduced sight lines created a spatial experience. But also for optimal use of different living spaces. Pleasant is the tension between the authenticity of the property and the contemporary modern-classical interpretation added to the home. Old and new elements are clearly distinguishable. Yet they meld together beautifully into an appealing whole. The natural and pure materials (oak, natural stone, wool and silk) created an atmospheric, warm and luxurious overall picture.

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