Light up your extraordinary woodland garden with in-lite: A masterpiece in Belgium

Welcome to the enchanting world of modern outdoor lighting, where lighting embraces nature and creates a unique atmosphere every night. We take you to a breathtaking project in beautiful Zutendaal, Belgium. Designed and landscaped by the renowned Paul Nijst gardens, this modern woodland garden shines like a masterpiece with in-lite’s extraordinary outdoor lighting.

The Entrance Gate and Driveway

As you approach the entrance gate, ground spots FLUX guide your path with a subtle yet powerful light. Along the driveway, EVO LOW lights the way to the house. This fixture offers an abundance of light without being dazzling, allowing you to go home safely and stylishly.

Trees and Borders

Imagine coming face to face with majestic trees enveloped in a soft glow. This is where outdoor spotlight SCOPE comes into play. With its directional rays, SCOPE creates an enchanting play of light and shadow, bringing the trees in the borders to life. And the BIG FLUX in turn shines by highlighting beautiful multi-stemmed trees in the gravel, bringing them to the fore like natural works of art.

Hydrangeas and Atmospheric Corners

In this modern woodland garden, LUNAs, subtly placed in the gravel around the tall hydrangeas, create playful shadow effects on the wall. A beautiful dance of light and dark that stimulates your senses and creates a magical atmosphere. And for that luxurious touch in the lounge area, atmospheric fixtures VOQUE and BIG VOQUE are available. With their metered light, they provide the perfect ambiance for an unforgettable evening.

Discover the Magic of in-lite

This extraordinary project, made possible by the collaboration between in-lite and Paul Nijst gardens, is a true ode to the beauty of outdoor lighting. in-lite is more than just a brand; it is a mission to bring lighting to every outdoor space. With their beautiful lamps and inspiring applications, they challenge us to discover how light can transform our outdoor lives.

in-lite works closely with a selective network of partners and landscapers, all driven by the same mission. They are trained and inspired in in-lite’s show garden, where they learn the art of special lighting applications. Together they create unique outdoor spaces that you can fully enjoy at night.

In short.

The modern woodland garden in Zutendaal, Belgium is proof that lighting plays a crucial role in creating an extraordinary ambiance. Be inspired by this project and let in-lite guide you in illuminating your own outdoor space, where your dreams become reality and every night becomes an unforgettable experience.

Discover even more the magic of in-lite here and turn your garden into an enchanting oasis of light and beauty.

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