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Luxury home automation

Increase home comfort with home automation
Home automation is another word for home automation. It may sound a bit complicated, but home automation is actually much simpler than you think. Home automation increases convenience, comfort, and safety in the home. The technology in a home is becoming more and more extensive, creating many opportunities. Many people think that a home automation system is much more expensive than a regular installation. This need not be the case. When you compare the possibilities with the costs, you will see that a home automation installation does not have to be more expensive at all than a regular installation. With home automation, it is possible to close all the curtains or blinds from your iPad, turn up the heating a bit, dim all the lights and turn on the security. You can see at a glance that everything is in order, which gives a nice feeling. Working with motion sensors also means you don’t have to touch a switch at night when you get out of bed to have a drink or go to the bathroom. The lights jump on gently dimmed on the route to the toilet and also turn off automatically when no more movement is detected. There are many other advantages; with preset scenes, lighting and heating are controlled automatically. When leaving the house, it is possible to turn off all lighting at the touch of a button. When you are on vacation, presence simulation can be enabled, making it appear that someone is present in the home. A safe idea.

Home theater, the ultimate mood experience
A home theater, is it feasible & affordable? Yes, it certainly is. A home theater can be used in almost any room, for any budget. We offer a very wide range of products. From stand alone solutions to complex installations that become child’s play by coupling with home automation! Imagine watching your favorite movies, games, or sports games in your own home theater! How cool is that? With the right equipment, creating a home theater is feasible for everyone.

A movie theater in your living room? Nothing is impossible! By having a projector screen recessed into the ceiling, it is completely concealed! When you’re in the mood for a good movie, lower the projector screen in front of the TV and you can enjoy your favorite movie on the big screen. Just in your living room. Of course, you can also go for the total picture and have a movie theater made in the basement, for example. The interplay of perfect acoustics, atmospheric lighting, custom-made chairs and outstanding visuals provide ultimate comfort! A movie theater is often linked to a home automation system that allows even the children to operate the equipment without any problems.

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