Modern interior with a brass edge

Chic and understated interior
Feikje Lasut and Anne Braun are like yin and yang: two different personalities, with different experiences, who complement each other perfectly. In 2017, they founded Lasut and Braun. Since then, they have been designing interiors for corporate and private clients, regularly working turn-key and making trend forecasts for other companies. They also have a retail concept where they post interior designers and designers in stores on so-called “designer days. In their interior design projects, they relieve the client as much as possible, taking responsibility from design to styling. With each client, they look for a story, making each interior personal.

An ambitious project: you can call the renovation and decoration of this home in Amsterdam without a doubt. In just three months, interior designers Feikje Lasut and Anne Braun, along with their team, managed to complete this project. It was agreed to have at least everything above ground level finished in those three months, but Lasut and Braun delivered everything right away. Lasut: “Our clients were happily expecting their first child. We wanted to be completely ready so they could spend the maternity period in peace in their new home!”

Ambitious couple
As such, it is safe to call the two an ambitious couple. So do the principals. “This was a young and very ambitious couple. Two sustainably minded entrepreneurs, who set the bar very high,” Braun said. Not surprisingly, Lasut and Braun immediately clicked with the residents.

Sustainable remodeling
Given the short lead time and the desire to rebuild as sustainably as possible, reuse was very important. The demolition was therefore careful, so that every kitchen element, the plumbing and even the copper pipes remained intact and could be reused. The ladies first consulted with their regular contractor, RC van Room, about which basic elements were of good quality. “From that base, we optimized everything, where it was especially important to create more space by better arranging the house,” Lasut explains. “The custom kitchen we designed was installed within the same lead time.”

Wink to Art Deco
Lighting is of high quality throughout the home. Brass-metal sconces in various sizes define the routing through the home. The custom wallpaper with integrated LED lighting in the lounge pops off the wall. In short, special eye-catchers, with a nod to art deco, adorn the home and beautify the interior like true Art.

Special entrance
You see the latter right away when you enter the home. You enter into an unexpectedly large hall, which is decorated like a walk-in-closet. This “closet” is decorated with rich, tall curtains made from recycled PET bottles. The toilet is hidden in the wooden wall behind an almost invisible door. In addition, you will find a seat, a mirror and even a place to put the stroller.

Custom doors from TWIN DOORS
From this beautiful, high hall, you walk through ceiling-high glass doors toward the kitchen. The design of these custom-made doors was conceived by Lasut and Braun and executed by TWIN DOORS. And that’s special: “It’s an Amsterdam house, where no floor or ceiling is straight. Hardly anyone dares to install custom doors here, guaranteeing that the lines run together nicely,” Braun said. Together with TWIN DOORS, we really delivered craftsmanship here.”

Peace, serenity and class
“TWIN DOORS looks back on a fine cooperation with Lasut and Braun. We translated their wishes into the final product. Because we provide customization with our own production, we can meet any requirement. In the beautiful home you will see double TWIN DOORS rebate doors, a single TWIN DOORS rebate door with fixed glass wall in the same design and SQUARE handles with a sleek and minimalist design,” said Annette van der Ziel-Zeldenrust, owner of TWIN DOORS together with her husband Marcel van der Ziel. “The trendy white color of the custom solutions exudes tranquility, serenity and class and thus fits well with the rest of the chic and understated interior.”

Apparent simplicity
In the other rooms, too, we see the preference for an apparently simple – but in reality ingeniously thought out – interior. The contractor fitted all the wet areas with huge tile slabs with continuous patterns. This combined Lasut and Braun with natural materials and organic forms. In the kitchen, the interior designers used wood and custom cabinets are finished with rounded shapes.

Heavenly atmosphere
Lasut and Braun deliberately chose a lot of white. “This fits well with the understated and chic interior,” Lasut explained. This choice is also seen in the master bedroom, which is located in the attic. Because the entire room – including the bed and the custom-made lamp – is white, this room takes on a kind of heavenly atmosphere. “Like being among the clouds,” Lasut said.

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Design: Lasut and Braun
Text: Lisa Berlang
Photography: Raphaël Drent

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