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Natural oasis in the city in De Bilt

City garden becomes quirky mood creator

Landscape architect Luc Engelhard designed an urban garden that stimulates all the senses at a characterful home in De Bilt’s 1930s neighborhood. Groenregie undertook the construction with great enthusiasm and skill, carried out in two phases.

Seeing, smelling, feeling

Luc Engelhard designs gardens with particular attention to the sensory experience. He interweaves the functional with the aesthetic, “shaping” nature in awe of its essential beauty and fascination. You notice that in this garden with abundant greenery with an emphasis on leaf colors and textures, and a play of low and taller plantings. Engelhard knocked on Groenregie’s door to bring the design to life. The garden was landscaped in the fall of 2017; the canopy followed two years later.

Characteristic character

On the terrace, old baked clinkers, called seven-inchers, were meticulously placed in elbow bond. That distinctive laying style fits nicely with the architectural style of the 1930s home. In the center of the garden adorn large concrete blocks and an XL concrete tile, custom-made on site. Such monumental elements are characteristic of Engelhard’s “signature. They delineate spaces and add depth to the garden. The hardwood pergola running along the yard boundary also enhances the sense of depth. The distinct division of the posts and the unique wood joints exude something quirky – this garden has temperament.

Imposing canopy

That you can incorporate numerous functions into an urban garden is proven by this design. In addition to the variegated mix of plantings, the terrace near the house and a grassy area, a canopy was also integrated. The rounded roof matches the organic elements in the garden such as the coarse, handmade bowl in concrete. The choice of materials is equally special: Corten steel combined with robust posts in azobé wood that almost seem to float on the Schellevis tiles. The wood is stacked in handmade storage that emphasizes the natural character of the garden.

At the back of the garden, sheltered from wind and weather, this is a lovely place to retreat to the warmth of the fire bowl and garden fireplace. At night, the atmospheric ceiling spotlights go on. The hammock beckons and the everyday hustle and bustle slips right off your …

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