New construction Villa in the Gooi

Even before construction of the beautifully located home, the inspired interior designer was involved in the project, allowing her to share her creative vision of the architect’s design with the architect, construction supervisor and clients. “Without sitting in the architect’s chair in the process,” she clarifies. “One plus one then really should become three. Together we were able to take the overall look to an even higher level. In that phase, I helped think about the layout of the house and the direction of rotation of the windows, and suggested changing the color of the window frames to the current color. I also made a customized lighting plan together with Van den Bosch Verlichting. Together in this way, we really managed to realize the clients’ living dream.”

Recurring materials
“They wished for a timeless, attractive, future-proof, bright and calm interior that is balanced and connects the main living spaces on the first floor,” Babbet points out. That she passed her assignment with a ten with a pin, we can tell soon after entering. The spacious entrance is bathed in light, the custom staircase is of great beauty and through the meter-high steel door we have an unobstructed view of the rooms behind. “The white oak of the stairs can be seen on the dining table and the smoked oak of the closet under the stairs we applied in – among other things – the kitchen and in the custom cabinet in the living room. The steel of the door is the same as the steel of the window frames. The recurrence of materials and colors in different places in a home creates the desired peace and balance.”

Quartzite as an eye-catcher
In the luxurious and inviting custom kitchen, the fabulously beautiful quartzite on the island and in the back wall is a real eye-catcher. The exclusive material, which Babbet selected with the clients from the supplier, adds warmth, luxury and class to the already beautiful design. Behind the kitchen, Babbet created the residents’ private domain. Surrounded by large glass windows, they sleep, clothe, relax and bathe in a comfortable and highly atmospheric setting. One floor up, the bedrooms and bathrooms are situated for guests and the richly furnished pool room is a place for additional entertainment and relaxation.

Beautiful words
Asked for the best compliment the clients gave her, Babbet read out a text personally addressed to her, “Hello Babbet, how incredibly happy we have been with you, and we still are. Without you we wouldn’t have been able to pull it off like this. We are very happy with the color scheme you gave us. We get so many compliments, including on the interior you came up with for us. You also quickly gave us the confidence that it would work out, even though we had our doubts at times. What you were also strong in was the cooperation with the contractor, architect and construction supervisor. Girl, you’ve been a great designer for us and it’s a shame for us that our house is almost finished, because we’ve come to love you too. Beautiful words, of which Babbet is obviously proud. “When you read something like this, of course you get incredibly happy. This is what you do it for as an interior designer.”

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