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Wonderful high room with wooden beams that form a beautiful whole with the wooden Mereno kitchen in oak wild veneer. The fronts of the kitchen have an unevenly spaced groove and are stained in various colors. The cabinetry is beautifully finished all around with Gun Metal. Gun Metal was also chosen for the handle strips and baseboards. This gives a sleek look.

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Handle-less kitchen with peninsula and tall cabinetry framed in Gun Metal. Gun Metal is a type of bronze which is composed of different metals. For the most part, it consists of copper. In addition, mercury and tin have been added. The use of Gun Metal gives the kitchen a unique and special look.

The kitchen is equipped with a Siemens combination oven and baking oven. The refrigerator and freezer are also from Siemens. Miele was chosen for the dishwasher. In this luxury kitchen, a wine refrigerator should not be missing. With a wine cooler, wines are kept at the right temperature. The matte black Boretti wine refrigerator offers space for 30 bottles of wine and has two adjustable temperature zones. The 6 wooden shelves are fully extendable through the telescopic guides. This allows you to conveniently and easily store or remove wines for use.

The peninsula features a Bora Pure induction cooktop. A beautiful design that gives the kitchen more appeal, as it eliminates the need for a large hood. The round exhaust grille is available in different colors, but in this kitchen a black exhaust module was chosen.

As in one in three kitchens, this kitchen also features a Quooker faucet. With a Quooker faucet, you can have a cup of tea in seconds, you can cook your potatoes, rice, pasta and vegetables faster, and the Quooker faucet saves you a lot of money on electricity and/or gas.


The kitchen features two different countertops. One light and one darker leaf. The peninsula has a granite countertop in the color Black Indy Leather. The coil section is also made of the same material.

The other top is made of BalsaBeton. BalsaBeton is a very exclusive and innovative top quality concrete technology. It is a hard and robust material which is made in an artisanal way. BalsaBeton is 80% lighter than normal concrete. The material is maintenance-free, heat-resistant, stain-free (due to a unique coating), does not crack and lasts a lifetime.

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