Studio F. A. Porsche has designed a bathroom series with bright, reduced objects that at the same time exude naturalness.

– Two design pillars that form a harmonious whole: rectilinear furniture and gently rounded sanitary objects

– Interplay of materials: sanitary objects made of ceramic with wood and natural stone and baths made of DuroCast Plus (cast mineral) and sanitary acrylic

– Extensive possibilities for individualization with different sizes, colors, shapes and materials

– Anti-fingerprint coating (console panel and super matte surfaces) and tip-on function for easy opening and closing of drawers and cabinet doors

The bathroom is increasingly becoming a place of well-being and relaxation – a counterworld to the hustle and bustle of everyday life and a particularly personal, essential space. A conscious lifestyle corresponds to a design language that is pure and sustainable while relying on natural materials. Just like the new bathroom series Qatego, which Studio F. A. Porsche designed for Duravit: wood, ceramic and natural stone together form a harmonious bathroom interior that creates an unmistakable, homely atmosphere with skillfully accented niches. The designers see the sink and furniture as a creative and functional unit. “With Qatego, we focused on people’s needs in the familiar and intimate environment of the bathroom. Therefore, it was important for us to give the objects a strong emotional quality beyond their functionality,” describes Henning Rieseler, Design Director Studio F. A. Porsche. While the cabinets have been kept linear and minimalist, the sanitary objects stand out because of their rounded shape. The designers refer to archetypes in their design: “Ceramics as a material tend toward softer forms due to the processing and firing process, while furniture is taught as ….,” says the design studio.

Strict geometries: the furniture
The furniture in the collection has a linear design language and is available in different versions: as a console base cabinet with a drawer on which rests a top-mounted sink or that seamlessly blends into a built-in sink. Finely finished and fitted with a shadow joint, the top of the base cabinet appears to float. The functional storage system of the furniture is characterized by an exciting alternation of open and closed surfaces and runs like a creative thread through all design elements, including the tall units with hinged doors, mirrors and mirror cabinets with shelves. The open compartments with optional lighting loosen up the clean geometric shape of the furniture and bring a homey atmosphere and transparency to the bathroom. They are suitable for displaying beautiful perfume bottles or other decoration such as a pretty bowl or vase.

Play with colors & materials
Made from durable, PEFC*-certified wood, the furniture in the Qatego bathroom series is available in eight colors that fluctuate between glossy white, natural and subdued nuances like taupe matte and strong hues like graphite matte. In addition, wood tones such as marbled oak, black oak, terra oak and natural oak complete Qatego’s natural color spectrum. They can also be combined with the uni colors, with the two-tone being a special design feature. Like the natural stone used by Duravit for the first time: in its design, Studio F. A. Porsche combines the ceramic basin with stone slabs of Carrara marble, travertine and Lavica Stone, as a further reference to nature. Here, too, there are several customization options: the solid stone slab 1000 or 1400 mm wide can be attached directly to the wall and the countertop sink can be placed on top. The console supports made of anthracite-colored metal also serve as towel holders. Or the 1000 mm wide stone slab is placed on a wooden console, creating a harmonious symbiosis of two materials and structures. A particular design highlight are the rounded edges and notches in the high-quality stone slabs to the right or left of the countertop basin, which can accommodate accessories such as brushes or soap dispensers. Each of the natural stone slabs used is unique, which is reflected in the different iridescent colors and veins. The protective impregnation on the stone surface simplifies cleaning.

Softly rounded: the sanitary objects
The formal language of the sanitary objects combines clear geometries with a soft transition to the top edge, which is finely and precisely worked out. According to the design studio, water-washed and hand-flattering stones served as inspiration for the design. “At this point we embarked on a path that was quite unusual for Studio F.A. Porsche: the idea was to create something natural, almost soft, reinterpreting the functionality of the design,” Henning Rieseler explains. The rectangular sinks are available in four versions: as wall-mounted and as surface-mounted sinks with a faucet shelf that offers plenty of storage space. There is also a semi-recessed sink and a built-in sink with distinctive curved sides, which is available with a matching, seamlessly connected console base cabinet. The design highlight of the series is the 600 x 400 mm large countertop sink, which, in addition to the normal version, is also available in a version with strongly curved sides. The shape of the freestanding bathtub is derived from this countertop sink and is sure to attract everyone’s attention. It is made of colored mineral casting DuroCast Plus with a velvety fine surface. As with the acrylic built-in bathtub, there is an ergonomically shaped support that supports the lower back, ensuring pleasant seating comfort.

The sanitary objects are completed with hanging and standing toilets and bidets that fit seamlessly into the overall concept. The pre-assembled hinges allow the toilet seat to be attached quickly and easily. All ceramic elements are optionally available with the antibacterial ceramic glaze HygieneGlaze, which sets an unprecedented standard of hygiene. Already after six hours about 90% of the bacteria are inhibited, after 24 hours about 99.9% of the bacteria (e.g. E. coli bacteria) are inhibited.

The faucet series Wave, design by Duravit, is a sympathetic addition to the sanitary objects and completes the thoughtful design concept with five different surfaces.

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