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Residential extension Elversele

“Living kitchen with extra light and space”
This kitchen is the absolute eye-catcher of the total renovation that these owners had carried out in Elversele. The kitchen not only offers an abundance of space to comfortably create the most delicious dishes. There is more than enough space to enjoy culinary delights with the whole family and with a beautiful view of the garden.

Reduced roof pitch
In order for this extension to connect seamlessly with the house, it was necessary to create a lower and reduced roof pitch for a certain part. The enormous flexibility of a residential extension in oak is once again apparent here. Any design is possible to ensure the integration of the extension into the home. It seems as if the extension is a natural part of it.

Wonderful sense of space
The living kitchen guarantees a wonderful feeling of space, which is enhanced by the large windows and the high ceiling. The white color for the finish of the walls also enhances the light and spacious appearance.

The interior planking was painted unfinished, so that the grains remain visible. This increases the natural character of the finish. The choice for a white, sleek kitchen also fits in perfectly with this story.

Pin and Hole Connections
Thanks to the white interior, the oak beams really come into their own. These beams provide the required supporting structure. They do not contain nails or screws. All fasteners are made with traditional mortise and tenon joints. This building method comes from the English countryside. That is also the origin of the oak wood used.

The oak parquet and the heavy steel-look windows in wood are additional eye-catchers in this room. These finishing choices contribute to the soothing and authentic look of the extension.

Oak wood from Sussex
Heritage Buildings only works with quality wood from Sussex in England. This wood is characterized by an extreme hardness due to the specific soil conditions. This property guarantees an extremely long service life. This structure requires no maintenance of any kind and can last for many decades without any problems.

Above the kitchen is a mezzanine, elaborated with beautiful scapa crosses. In this project, the mezzanine has no function, but forms a nice finish for the space above the kitchen. In many other projects, we use a mezzanine to cleverly create extra space, for example for additional sleeping accommodation or a play corner for the children. The functional possibilities of these mezzanines are literally endless.

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