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Royal Oak Buildings

Residential extension in Brasschaat

“Enjoying extra light and space”
With a residential extension in oak, Heritage Buildings brings extra light and space to this renovated Brasschaat home. The addition is a full-fledged extension of the living space. Year-round owners enjoy a beautiful open view of the garden. Heritage Buildings’ oak residential extension adds unparalleled value to this home.

Perfectly integrated
After purchasing this 1950s home, the new owners opted for a thorough renovation. In close consultation, Heritage Buildings designed the residential extension. The addition joins the existing house perfectly, creating – with the necessary support from an additional steel support beam – a large opening. Thus, the additional addition of about 25 square meters is perfectly integrated with the existing house. The tall oak addition with an interior space up to 3 meters high gives the living space an added sense of space.

Unique look
The oak frame creates a unique atmosphere. Further interior finishes were worked out to the owner’s own taste. The entire interior in the home and the addition were given the same look, enhancing the sense of unity. For example, the floor runs through both volumes and the furniture also reinforces the unified whole.

The oak addition was finished with stylish interior and exterior planking. In the gap, Heritage Buildings placed insulation boards twelve inches thick, making the residential extension perfectly EPB compliant. The whole was finished with large windows in “steellook” afrormosia. The roof tiles with an antiqued appearance give the whole an authentic look.

Flat roof
Unlike most oak structures, Heritage Buildings worked in part with a slab roof. This was necessary to stay under the second floor windows and not block their view. For each residential addition, Heritage Buildings guarantees full customization to ensure the oak addition fits perfectly with the existing home. Any form of construction is among the possibilities.

Pin and hole connection
The basic structure of a home extension by Heritage Buildings is always formed by a primal oak structure that requires no further maintenance once installed. This construction is built without nails or screws. This distinctive mortise and tenon joint is a typical building form for the English countryside. For the joists and support beams, Heritage Buildings selects top-quality oak from Sussex, England. This oak – in which we use only the heartwood – is characterized by extreme hardness.

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