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Residential extension in Brussegem

“Authentic character fits perfectly with the existing home”
Instead of a traditional veranda, the owners from Brussegem in Flemish Brabant opted for a beautiful oak extension of Heritage Buildings. While a ‘flat veranda’ would rather disfigure their white authentic home, this oak residential extension is an absolute added value.

Perfect connection
The authentic materials fit perfectly with the adjacent house. Heritage Buildings not only realized the oak construction, but also provided the interior finish and a perfect connection with the existing house. In this way we created a beautiful passage to the house, which makes the extension usable all year round.

Unlimited sense of space
The enormous feeling of space is one of the great advantages of an oak extension with a traditional tip roof. The abundance of space inside and the maximum influx of natural light, ensure peace and relaxation. Thanks to large windows along the three sides, this extension offers an almost unobstructed view of the beautiful garden. The owners fully enjoy the more than 20 square meters of additional living space all seasons.

Blissful summer evenings
The extension adjoins one of the long sides of the pool, making it the perfect base for enjoying this private bathing water. Furthermore, the terrace and the gas barbecue guarantee blissful summer evenings.

Natural authenticity
This oak extension first and foremost exudes natural authenticity. For example, the owners opted for windows in untreated afrormosia wood. The rough exterior planking and the traditional roof tiles complete the beautiful picture. The interior floors were also installed by Heritage Buildings.

Oak supporting structure
The graceful arches are an indispensable part of the oak supporting structure. These give the traditional mortise and tenon joint the required strength. The oak – from Sussex in England – is of the highest quality. Oak wood from this rural region is characterized by an extreme hardness due to the specific soil conditions. The oak supporting structure does not require any form of maintenance and will last for many generations without any problems.

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