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Osiris Hertman

Tiny Houses designed by Osiris Hertman

Durable, innovative and minimalist. Tiny Houses have also been seen in recent years as the home of the future. With their innovative design, small carbon footprint and cozy feel, these homes bring a unique and fulfilling way of life.

“We live in different times” people want to work more from home or be nice and close to home. Tiny Houses offer the opportunity to relax in a private spa or music room, for example. Or create a private study space for growing children. Osiris became inspired by this new need to be more at home and decided to delve further into the world of Tiny Houses

Osiris has chosen two different building materials for his Tiny Houses, one natural and one high-tech, because he wants to offer people different preferences. The natural material is wood and the high-tech material is metal. Metal construction is more environmentally friendly and accurate, while wood construction is more traditional and has a rustic charm.

The first design of Osiris is the natural version, constructed from solid oak with a mortise and tenon joint. The structure has become world famous and is used in Osiris’ natural Tiny house to build fair. The design features printed bamboo and is maintenance-free. Everything in the Tiny home is made by artisans using natural materials.

One of the walls is decorated with shells from Dutch beaches, representing Dutch craftsmanship. The ceiling is covered with felt from a Dutch wall textile company in many beautiful shades, also used in the hexagonal design of the cinema. The process is laborious, but creates a unique atmosphere where the wall finishes and stylish doors are the KEY items.

The second Tiny house construction is made of high-tech steel with a hexagonal design and leather finish. It is made of stretch metal that can be customized so that a structure can be built in one day. It is waste-free and insulated with pressed aluminum foam panels that highlight its powerful style.

The passionate team at Osiris Hertman Studio has created a unique and exclusive result of a high standard with these Tiny Houses. In doing so, they have once again done justice to their catchy statement “Our philosophy is to create harmony between architecture and interior design.”

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