The low-dining trend: dining together reinvented
Some small fortunes you cherish for life. Moments when you feel a real connection between your friends and family. Moments with conversation that really matter, for example. Or, evenings where you can’t recover from laughing, and which you keep referring to years later. These moments are like sources for the low-dining concept. Here we reinvent “dining together. But, what exactly is it, this low-dining concept?

a chair sitting in front of a building
The Zenhit one seaters & Zidiz dining table

What is low-dining?
In low-dining, we look for the comfort of a lounge set bundled with the practicality of the traditional dining table. This combination serves as the golden cut for the ideal evening together with loved ones.
To ensure that setting, we lower the table from the classic 75cm to 68cm high. To sit comfortably with that, we also lower the seats. The seat height drops from 68cm to 46cm. You now sit a lot lower, which creates a wonderful lounge effect and brings stunning relaxation.

A familiar initial reaction to the low-dining concept is that it would not be practical. But, make no mistake. The comfort of low-dining does not sacrifice a practical dining position. The chairs are designed so that both sitting upright and sprawling feels very easy.
Moreover, sitting lower is not only pleasant, it also comes with an unexpected benefit. As you change your posture, your body positions itself better for your digestion. This results in less bloating.

Closer to the ground, closer together
By sitting lower, you will discover phenomenal comfort at the dining table. This creates the ideal setting for hours of after-dinner conversation. From apero to dessert, and well beyond, you and your loved ones will stay at the table. Enjoying the last of the summer sun, or the heat of the fireplace during the colder months of the year.

A low-dining set is ideal as an indoor and outdoor solution. Royal Botania’s low-dining sets can be used for both applications.

Low-dining with the Calypso chairs

Low-dining at its finest
Do you find yourself dreaming away at those countless dinners, where you spend hours laughing, talking, and enjoying yourself? Then turn your dreams into reality. At Royal Botania, we have a wide selection of outdoor furniture suitable for the low-dining concept.

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