Maintenance-free floors from Dutzfloors, unique in Europe

Maintenance-free floors from Dutzfloors, unique in Europe

That a special wood floor lifts your interior is known to more and more people. Yet just a nice floor is not always enough. Required maintenance also often plays a role in the buying process. Looking for a floor you won’t have to do anything to for the first 10 to 15 years? The new, maintenance-free wood flooring collection from Dutzfloors is perfect for those looking for style and convenience.

An additional layer on top of ultraviolet protection – Dutz protect layer

Ultraviolet radiation is a well-known technique for making wood floors stronger. In this process, a special oil is burned into oak wood with 800-degree UV lights. Recently, flooring specialist Dutzfloors added another layer of protection: a unique finish on top of the ultraviolet layer – seen in the industry as Europe’s most innovative finish line.

The wood becomes stronger but retains its unique, natural appearance. Redmer van Dobbenburgh of Dutzfloors says, “Most people choose our oak because of its natural lines. Because we apply this very strong protective layer, customers enjoy their floor for years without having to do anything to it.”

The wood is fully cured before being laid in people’s homes. This way you don’t have to wait, but can live on the new wood floor right away.

Matching your interior style

Customization is crucial to finding the right floor. Why? Everyone has different tastes when it comes to interiors. Of course there are matching styles, yet you are more likely to prefer something unique in your home. Dutzfloors has been known for years for its unusual and innovative flooring. Because they have the entire manufacturing process in-house, it is easier for you as a customer to put your stamp on the design.

Bring luxury into your home with a maintenance-free herringbone or Hungarian point floor

Want a herringbone or Hungarian point floor to give your interior a luxurious style? Good news: these flooring types are also made by Dutzfloors in the “maintenance-free” version. You can choose from different plank sizes: 12 x 60 centimeters, 14 x 70 centimeters and 18 x 90 centimeters. Because Dutzfloors makes the planks in 1-bis and A-grades (fewer knots), the focus is entirely on the special floor pattern.

Suitable for any living situation

A maintenance-free wood floor suits every living situation. Do you live in the middle of nature and regularly find yourself with dirty shoes in the house? A wipe over and the floor is clean again, with no dirty stains left behind. Do you have small children or pets that like to play and run around? Even toppled juices, coffee or other liquids won’t stick thanks to the protective coating.

With a maintenance-free floor, besides vacuuming and occasionally mopping, you don’t have to do anything more to your floor. Goodbye annual maintenance or re-oiling. By the way, thanks to the coating, the floor is also ideal in catering establishments or other places with high foot traffic.

Unique in Europe, to be experienced at Dutzfloors in Friesland

At the heart of Dutzfloors is home comfort. Using various techniques, they create a floor that exactly matches your desired interior. They do all that themselves, in their own production facility in Friesland. Here craftsmen work day in and day out on the most unique floors. An added advantage of Dutzfloors is that they do everything themselves, so you pay a fair price.

Curious about Europe’s first maintenance-free wood floors? In Dutzfloors’ showroom, you can touch and feel the planks. This allows you to notice for yourself how primal the wood has become. The flooring specialists have a keen eye for style in addition to extensive experience. They will be happy to show you the possibilities during your visit to our showroom.

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