Make your house a warm home

Make your house a warm home

At the close of December 2020, I was asked to submit a blog. A blog about living that is. Tricky because today we are mostly only concerned with one thing; corona. Empty streets, children hanging at home on the couch, computer on the table, everything has changed. All these changes in the world around us take a tremendous amount out of us as human beings.

The moment we seem accustomed to one adjustment, the next is already lurking. What we once experienced as “normal” now seems so transient. The dark shop windows, closed doors, stacked chairs and dry wine glasses in places that once guaranteed the vibrant source of conviviality and enjoyment. Lights in the shopping streets and shop windows decorated with care; no one can really enjoy it. Dining out is crossed out of the agenda and work is done at home. The bare walls coming at you in the mostly makeshift home office, day after day, the exact same environment. Former commutes are now poorly defined by a number of steps.

How do you make sure your home remains the cozy, safe and warm place it once was? The place where you currently spend almost all of your time. I have a fairly simple solution to this; wallpaper! No greater and easier metamorphosis imaginable than having a wall or (preferably) an entire room wallpapered!

Infinite possibilities in color, material and prints. For those of us with small children, vinyl is highly recommended. Practical, washable and also applicable in the bathroom and kitchen. Especially don’t forget the smallest room and/or the ceiling! Or choose wallpaper made up of panels so that one large, vibrant image covers an entire wall. Leather, sisal or silk; you can always find supplier that has it in the collection.

By applying wallpaper, you not only create a place that radiates security, but more importantly, a place that you have put your unique stamp on.

So should you be bored for the next few days? Take a look at Pinterest and get inspired.

For now, I wish everyone happy holidays & stay healthy.


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