Marble as a kitchen countertop: To do or not to do? Ecker lists all the features for you.

At Ecker, we have been designing and creating custom interiors for nearly 90 years. In all these years, countless wonderful materials have flown through our production space. As a cabinetmaker/interior builder ourselves, we mainly process wood and sheet material. Our design team additionally applies quite a few other materials within our projects. And one material that makes our hearts beat faster time and again is natural stone and specifically the many different types of marble.

But unfortunately, for many a client, we already see the pearls appearing on the forehead when we start talking about a kitchen worktop made of marble during the design process. Is a marble worktop even suitable for my kitchen? Don’t I walk around cleaning all day then? Isn’t that very fragile?

First things first: Marble falls under natural stone types, but not all natural stone is marble. The stone must show a crystal structure to be called marble. A marble countertop is pure nature. No two batches of natural stone are the same, and even in a specific quarry, the color and texture of the stone can still vary. This makes each marble/natural stone countertop exclusive and unique. The appearance ranges from quiet veins with little color difference to the most variegated colors and flame drawings. And these are then found directly in the worksheet. In terms of aesthetics, you can really go either way with it. Want to completely unwind in your minimalist ton-sur-ton interior at home? Silk Georgette is a type of marble that creates a subdued and natural atmosphere with its quiet markings and natural colors. You almost feel like you’re in Ibiza were it not for the fact that it’s 6 degrees outside with drizzle….

On the other hand, are you a successful rapper who throws (corona-proof) parties at your brand-new bling palace with some regularity? A brightly colored Onyx bar top with the necessary LED lighting underneath would certainly not look out of place in this setting as far as we are concerned. Pay attention. Because there are veins running through the blades, there is a risk of breakage. As cozy as it is, standing on a natural stone top is not recommended. You don’t want to be the one who has to go tell rapper Rascal that you wrecked his bar….

And that immediately brings us to the terror of many a client: Is a marble countertop even suitable as a worktop? The answer is simple: yes a marble countertop is definitely suitable as a worktop. But the question one should really ask oneself is: Is a marble countertop even suitable for me? In fact, marble is more fragile than some other countertops. We distinguish two types of worktop finishes herein. A polished top is a high-gloss finish. It mirrors and partly because of that it has a very luxurious look. Instead, a top with a “leather” finish has a matte finish. This gives a more contemporary and natural look and has the added bonus of being somewhat more resistant to “stains. This is because with polished blades, the gloss layer can become dull due to acid attack. This signs off as ugly dull spots. So be careful with acids on your leaves.

Do you see the maid preparing to empty a bottle of Antikal on your new kitchen countertop? Also wrong! Work with “gentle” cleaners at all times. Green soap or just a drop of Dreft is often enough to get your blade clean. Also do this with regularity so that your leaves remain saturated and less can soak in. In addition, there are a fair number of maintenance products on the market specifically for natural stone.

So think carefully about whether marble would be the right choice for you. Immediately after work you find yourself quickly cooking dinner with on your left arm your 6-month-old son, who really should have had the bottle 15 minutes ago, and in the background you hear 2 “big” sisters arguing about who gets to pet the dog, while you’re thinking about how you’re going to drop the girls off at field hockey and athletics at about the same time later, because your partner has a ‘how to give correct feedback’ training … well, maybe there’s a chance you’ll leave the dirty dishes on your worktop a little too long one day…. The infamous “circles” in your worktop are then often the result.

However, if you know of yourself that the kitchen sparkles like new even before the meal is on the table, then a marble countertop is no problem at all. And no, of course this does not mean that you have to employ 3 men to walk around all day cleaning behind you. Nor do you have to have a combination of OCD and a fear of blemishes. With just common sense and a little bit of discipline, you’ll keep your worktop in great shape.

So did something happen to cause a stain or damage to your marble countertop? Don’t panic. In most cases, marble / natural stone is fine to touch up on site.

In our opinion, a natural stone countertop is virtually unmatchable. The unique and exclusive character is often the eye-catcher within our projects. And not just in the kitchen. Bathrooms, floors and details in all kinds of custom cabinets are also done in this beautiful material. If you have made up your mind and are going for a marble countertop, here are a few more practical tips:

  1. Most modern countertops are heat-resistant. However, a pan taken directly from the heat source can have a temperature of more than 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Even reinforced concrete will go to hell from that. Therefore, it is recommended to always use coasters.
  2. Work with cutting boards by default. No matter how scratch-resistant your worktop is, do not cut directly on the worktop surface. Not only is it a waste of the worktop, but getting your new Nesmuk kitchen knife sharpened is also a time-consuming…
  3. No acidic or harsh cleaning agents.
  4. Party? Definitely do. But don’t dance on the marble kitchen countertop!
  5. Party over? Don’t leave dishes on your countertop for too long. The caked glasses and plates won’t help the hangover, and the lingering stains in your countertop will probably only make the headache worse.
  6. Use common sense. Simple maintenance prevents misery.
  7. Natural stone comes in many varieties. Marble is one of them, but you might be surprised what else is available besides marble. Each type of natural stone has different properties. Some species will be more suitable for you than others. Therefore, always get good advice from a specialist beforehand.

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