Matte paint trends of 2023

Matte paint trends of 2023

It surely hasn’t escaped your notice. The moment you want to get some inspiration for your own interior, you will notice very quickly that the use of color determines to a very large extent the atmosphere in the house. Therefore, you see a color on the wall very often in home programs, home furnishing stores and interior design magazines. You can reinforce a particular home style just a little more and add a personal touch to the space. And does your heart beat just a little faster too with an interior in a trendy style? Then you are all too eager to find out all about this year’s latest trends. To get you started in advance, we explain an important trend a little further for you.

Why is matte paint so trendy?
Have you ever heard anything about using matte paint for the wall in your home? In fact, there is a very good chance that a paint specialist will soon tell you a bit more about Moose Färg‘s wide collection of matte paint. The use of matte paint in the interior creates a very clean overall picture and immediately lifts your interior to a higher level. Best of all? The paint is available in every color imaginable, so there is a suitable color for every home style. And that’s kind of nice, right? So it is always a good idea to delve just a little further into these offerings. This way, you’ll also know right away what color appeals to you and what doesn’t.

Swedish look with matte paint
By choosing matte interior paint, you can quickly and easily achieve the very popular Swedish look. This style, also called the Scandinavian living style, is known for its use of quiet colors and materials. This immediately exudes a lot of peace and serenity. This immediately makes your interior the perfect place to unwind, for example, after a long day at work.

An interior in a Scandinavian style is characterized by the use of calm colors. For example, pastel colors, light earthy colors and natural white always do very well in interior design. Do you currently have a specific preference for the use of color in your home?

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