Modern villa with classic features particularly naturally lit

Modern villa with classic features particularly naturally lit

In the northern Dutch town of Laren stands a modern villa whose architecture is strongly inspired by the classic country style. A beautiful garden was created around the impressive thatched-roofed property by the garden contractors at Heart for Gardens in which modern architecture meets the natural environment. In the evening, the scene is beautifully illuminated with high-quality in-lite LED lighting carefully put together by the lighting designers at in-lite LAB.

in-lite LAB
The lighting designers at in-lite LAB develop the most beautiful lighting plans for the world’s most impressive gardens and outdoor spaces. They are always looking for new challenges to make the world more magical at night with lighting solutions from in-lite. Nothing is impossible at LAB. And that is why Heart for Gardens involved in-lite LAB in this impressive project. Developing the perfect lighting plan requires special collaboration with the architect and landscaping contractor. The result is reflected in this impressive garden.

Professional 12V lighting
In this project, all lighting was carefully selected to compliment the beautiful features of the house and garden. Various LED lighting solutions from in-lite were used for this purpose. The lights are connected to a smart 12V system that can be controlled through a smartphone app. The system was developed specifically for use in gardens and has been used by garden contractors and landscapers worldwide for 20 years. The lighting is modularly designed on a Plug & Play basis. That is, it is easy to install without the intervention of an electrician and the many possibilities of combining fixtures and lighting solutions.

Lines of sight and eye-catchers
Both the design of the garden and the lighting plan took into account the sight lines from the house and from the entrance. Standing luminaires have been installed along the path. The ACE fixtures provide staggered downward light on two sides and stand out beautifully among lush plantings. Under the uprights of the imposing pergola in the backyard are integrated BIG FLUX spotlights that ensure that this eye-catcher also impresses at night. This pergola is also equipped with SCOPE CEILING spotlights that atmospherically illuminate the path for safe passage in the evening hours. In-lite also supplied the imposing facade fixtures connected directly to the home’s power grid. With this, all outdoor lighting is perfectly matched.

Perfect color reproduction
In the garden, the imposing trees are illuminated by integrated BIG NERO spotlights. These particular lamps are equipped with a special technology that allows the light source to be easily tilted to the desired angle with a magnet. Several SCOPE spotlights were also used to illuminate the shrubs. Eye-catching MINI SCOPE DUO spotlights are placed among the ornamental grasses. These spotlights are specially designed for illuminating growing plantings and the height can be adjusted as desired. All in-lite LED lighting is characterized by particularly true-to-life color rendering. With this, the colors in the garden look as beautiful at night as they do during the day.

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