Mood lighting

Mood lighting

Really bring your garden to life through lighting. Just a few spotlights can make a big change to the look and feel of the garden. A nice place to make extra long use of in the evening and see how beautiful the garden is.

Even when sitting inside, it is beautiful to look into a lighted garden. .. It is often forgotten how much light does in a garden and the added value of extending the time to be in the garden. For example, to come home to an illuminated environment during the dark days or to enjoy the beautiful summer evening a little longer.

In the cold months, you leave and come home in the dark. Lighting in the garden is not only practical, but you also create a pleasant living atmosphere, making you want to be outside in a warm place by the fireplace even in winter. Even when you are sitting comfortably inside, it is nice not to sit by a dark window, but a fully illuminated garden. When you can see a well-lit garden from the kitchen table or the couch, you feel that atmosphere even inside.

a pool next to a body of water

You can play endlessly with light and dark and create new combinations. A wall or patio, a tree or a border. You can use light to create silhouettes or draw attention to a particular element. For example, do you really like that one tree by the wall and could it use a little more attention? Then you can use a ground spotlight for this purpose. Then make sure there are no plants hanging in front of it that block the light. If this is the case, it is better to place a raised tree spotlight so that the light rises above these plants.

A beautiful garden is accentuated by light, but also provides atmosphere
A lighting plan really completes the design. You can have the most beautiful eye-catcher in the garden like this, but without lighting it still doesn’t come out as beautiful as intended. In addition, a lighted garden in the dark is more exciting, interesting and intimate. You want to start exploring what there is to see, other views emerge and the garden starts to live in a different way.

a tree in front of a sunset

Coming home in the light, which is not only very convenient to see, but also makes you feel safe. You are led in the right direction by the lighting and, of course, you can overlook everything. In addition, social safety is an important aspect. Not only can you oversee everything, but so can your neighbors. This is how you create your own safe environment through light.

When it gets dark, the points of light in the garden are what still stand out.
The dark spots in the garden disappear and the lit spots only stand out. Therefore, think carefully about what you would like to see or show. Perhaps practical fixtures are just as important as ambient lighting, but there are often ways you can think of that allow you to create these two functions all at once. A nice path to the back of the garden can accentuate a nice walkway by spotlighting the edges. Of course, if this is an important item in the garden, it is wonderful to highlight it. In addition, it is practical to light the path in order to safely enter the garden.

Practical light or mood lighting?
Of course, you don’t have to make a choice in this at all. There are often places in the garden where it needs to be lit mainly for practical reasons with a wall lamp, for example, but this can also provide atmosphere. If you place this fixture in a few more spots or provide various types of lighting, such as ground spots and floor lamps, you will go a long way to ensuring that you have a well-lit garden with lots of atmosphere.

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