Moveable louvers to suit every residence

Moveable louvers to suit every residence

Sunshield designs, manufactures and installs louver systems. A louver system is a custom-made blinds with horizontal, movable slats. A lot of things are possible, so you have plenty of choices. This blog reviews the most important ones.

Architectural blinds
First, you can have a Sunshield shading system installed on the exterior or interior of the home. For daylight management, it doesn’t matter much. If you want to keep the heat out to the maximum, it is best to choose an exterior installation. On the facade, for example.

Louver systems are a form of architectural shading. The architect often integrates slats early in the design of a residence, in both new construction and renovation. One factor with which you have a great deal of influence on the appearance of your home is the choice of aluminum or wood.

You can further enhance this with your preference for a color, or even multiple colors. Aluminum is usually coated in a RAL color, such as the same color as the window frames. Or just in a contrasting color. If you prefer to keep the metallic look of aluminum as much as possible, choose color anodizing, possibly combined with brushing or polishing.

Wood slats can be treated in several ways. By the way, not treating is also an option. Untreated wood ages over time under the influence of weather. This is a natural process, so the architect can anticipate this in the design phase. If you choose to treat, it should be repeated every few years.

In any form
A strength of Sunshield systems is that they are available in any shape with movable louvers. Yes, also triangles, trapezoids, arcs and circles. Glass sections have become increasingly large, often covering the entire facade, up to the ridge. Even to the tip, movable louvers are possible.

The blinds are controlled by a switch on the wall, a remote control, an app on the phone, or integrated with home automation. Combined or not with sensors for light, temperature or wind. How easy do you want it to be? Whichever control you choose, you simply open or close the louvers, or at any position in between. This is stepless.

Both aluminum and wood louvers are available in different widths. You can find this width in the name of the louver type. For example, the 96-E is a 96 mm wide slat. Basically, the wider the slat, the more see-through between the slats when fully open.

Horizontal slatted systems are undoubtedly a sustainable solution. Not only do they have a long lifespan, they also have a beneficial effect on energy bills. How about that?

In summer, the sun is high and louvers block the sun’s rays even when the slats are (partially) open. This way you retain natural light and a view. An added benefit is that the air conditioning does not have to be on, or at least can be turned down. This obviously has a positive effect on energy bills.

In winter, on the contrary, all warmth is welcome. The sun is then lower and also not as bright, the slats can be left open. Thus, the sun contributes to the heating of the living space in an optimal way. Which, again, is good for the wallet.

Speaking of sustainable, did you know that of all the aluminum ever produced, 75% is still in use today? A major advantage of aluminum is that it can be infinitely reused without loss of quality. Regardless of whether you turn them into Coke cans or airplanes. Or louvers.

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