No interior without light

No interior without light

This may sound a bit dramatic, but without light we simply cannot see anything. Aside from the fact that it is nice when you can see something in the home, a beautiful interior simply cannot exist without good lighting.

As an interior and lighting designer, I unfortunately still see lighting being viewed as a closing item. But with new construction or remodeling, it’s wise to think about this carefully at the outset and possibly enlist the help of a professional.

Good lighting involves technical aspects in addition to decorative aspects. In addition, all fixtures and light sources have different characteristics.

With the right lighting you can make an interior, but with bad lighting you can absolutely break it. You can have such a beautiful interior, but without the right lighting, this interior will not look good.

Lighting also contributes to our sense of well-being and safety. This applies not only on the street, but also in the home or workplace. Who doesn’t want a cozy feeling in the home and a good atmosphere in the workplace in addition to functionality?

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