On a desert island

On a desert island

In this blog, we zoom in a bit more on the possibilities of an island in your kitchen. A kitchen island, called a cooking or sink island, is very trending right now. There are many options in the size, function and design of an island in your kitchen. That’s why we list some key points for you, so you can start thinking about what you find beautiful and practical in your kitchen space. Perhaps an island will also complete your dream kitchen.

Something for everyone
An island is ideal for kitchen lovers, hobby cooks and true bourgondians; you create more than just a kitchen. An island, besides being a spacious place for cooking, is also a cozy place where you can enjoy breakfast, work or have a good conversation. There are countless options and various styles. In short; with an island in your kitchen, you can literally do anything.

I want an island in my kitchen! What should I pay attention to?
Would you like an island in your kitchen? Then it is important to pay attention to a few points: a loose island is best suited for a large space, we recommend keeping at least 1 meter of space around it, so that you have enough freedom of movement. Adequate walking space is important, but too much space is also not practical. The ideal movement space between the island and the countertop or cabinetry is 1 to 1.30 meters. The width of an island with only cooking or only flushing, we recommend at least 1.80-2 meters. Want to cook and rinse side by side? Then we recommend an island of at least 2.50 meters. An island is at least 90-95 cm deep, and if the space lends itself, you can make it up to 1.40 meters deep. So to properly accommodate all this, you need a space of at least 4 by 4 meters.

Many different possibilities
If you don’t have as much space for a separate island, a peninsula can also be a nice solution. A peninsula sits with a short side to the wall. Thus, sufficient walking space is desired only on three sides of the island. Even with a peninsula, you can use bar stools to create a cozy place to eat, drink and/or chat with family or friends. Another convenient advantage of a peninsula in the kitchen is that you can easily connect kitchen appliances to pipes and outlets in the wall.

A tip from us: pay attention to the layout of your island. We always say: think in a triangle of cooking, rinsing and your kitchen appliances (for example, dishwasher-oven-refrigerator). And make sure you have enough work space to prepare your meals.

Even with kitchen appliances, a lot is possible in an island. There are very nice solutions these days for cooktops with field extraction. This way you no longer have an exhaust hood above your cooktop, but in your cooktop. This makes the location of your cooktop in the kitchen very flexible.

However, an electrical outlet in the island is often necessary. For example, for using kitchen appliances such as a blender, but also for charging your phone, tablet or laptop, for example. This can be solved with different options in outlets on the worktop, on the side of the island or under the worktop near the seating area.

Perhaps you would also like a seating area on your island, where you can gather with family or friends. This can be done by placing bar stools entirely or partially on one side. For this, you need at least 40 cm of space in your island. Note that with a seating area, you do sacrifice closet space. But with drawer units in your island/kitchen, you again provide more efficient storage space.

Especially if loves cooking together, an island can be a godsend. You have plenty of workspace and are less likely to get in each other’s way. But a kitchen with an island does not necessarily have to be the living kitchen that many people are looking for these days. A beautiful corner kitchen with handsome, large table in the middle can also be a wonderful living kitchen.

We create real-life solutions by combining practice and beauty. Top quality, beautiful design and extraordinary materials are the basis for our designs, but the inspiration is you. Because design is beautiful, but a new kitchen only takes on real meaning when it fits completely into your life. With or without an island in your kitchen!

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