Outdoor fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces

Are you a proud owner of a beautiful canopy in the garden? Or do you have a desire to add these to your garden bliss? You can extend the garden season by installing an outdoor fireplace in it. This allows you to stay in the garden in the evenings longer, as well as in the cold months, heated and comfortable.

Types of outdoor fireplaces
An outdoor fireplace can be placed inside the canopy, but also outside. There are several types of outdoor fireplaces available. These include pellet stoves and wood-burning fireplaces. But also a rock-wall fireplace which radiates heat through the stacked stones in the basket all around is possible.

Why choose an outdoor fireplace?
Outdoor fireplaces are very popular. This is because people are more at home and the garden provides a nice extra space to relax. In addition, gas prices are rising and people are looking at other ways of heating. A pellet stove is an ideal way to heat a room quickly. A wood-burning stove gives a little more atmosphere of crackling hearth fire and, in addition, the storage of the wood adds to the garden. Often this storage is aesthetically placed in a cabinet or under a bench for a modern and warm look.

a building next to a fireplace

What does an outdoor fireplace have to offer?
In addition to providing heat, an outdoor fireplace can also have an additional function, such as a griddle, barbecue, oven or pizza oven. We will write more information about the different outdoor cooking options in a future blog.

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