Pivot doors: 5 advantages 1 disadvantage

Pivot doors: 5 advantages 1 disadvantage

Are you thinking about pivot doors? We list the benefits for you and also a point for your consideration. Here is our list:

Benefit 1: Optimal ease of use

You use a pivot door by simply walking through it and letting the door fall shut behind you. It is easy to operate even when your hands are full. This makes pivot doors very user-friendly for home or office.

Benefit 2: Always in your walking direction

Pivot doors rotate about a vertical axis and have no frame. This means that the doors open to both sides, inward and outward. So a pivot door always opens in your walking direction.

Benefit 3: Also possible with underfloor heating

Exclusive Steel’s pivot hinges are made specifically with underfloor heating in mind. This is because the hinge is not built into the floor, but into the lower beam of the door. The pivot door rests with its hinge on a mounting plate. It is mounted with screws only 5 mm long. The underfloor heating runs easily under this. In the workshop, you can hold a demonstration model of a pivot hinge in your hands and see for yourself up close.

Benefit 4: Open to both sides

What is also very nice is that you can open pivot doors to both sides at a 90-degree angle. The steel doors stay nicely in view and the space looks inviting.

Benefit 5: Close silently

In the showroom, you can feel and listen how the different doors close. Make a comparison between the noiseless whoosh of the pivot door, the nostalgic “click” of the latch box with latch and the soft tap of the magnetic lock. No matter how hard you slam a steel pivot door, it will never take a hard hit. Puberproof?

1 disadvantage: More expensive

We purchase the pivot hinge. The price for this technique is in addition to the amount for an ordinary steel door with Paumelle hinges. So a steel pivot door costs more than a door with a magnetic latch or a classic latch. But with the above benefits in mind, it is well worth it.

Why you really want to come along

We constantly renew the showroom to keep surprising you. The products speak for themselves in an environment that inspires. Have questions? Shoot one of our professionals. They tell everything from their hearts. Let’s meet! You can schedule an appointment online.

Naftali Leidelmeijer, Exclusive Steel

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