Plonking in any garden!

Plonking in any garden!

Water represents rest and relaxation, while children equate water with play and fun. A large garden is no longer necessary when you get a Plunge Pool. The Plunge Pool is the new hit blown over from Australia! A small pool that does not take up your entire garden but still serves its purpose perfectly. During summer evenings after a delicious barbecue, open a bottle of wine and sit with your feet in the water. The next day, your children will enjoy the pool with friends.

The Plunge Pool is available from as little as 2 x 3 meters, but don’t think in limitations because anything is possible.

What is a Plunge Pool?
A Plunge Pool is small and shallow. Designed for relaxing rather than swimming. You cannot play volleyball or swim laps in it, but if you want to relax and cool down after a hot day, this type of pool is a good solution. Due to its size, a Plunge Pool can be placed in almost any room and garden and has even more advantages! They need less water which means less water evaporation, less water heating and the heat pump does not have to work as intensively. You will clearly notice that difference in your water and energy bills.

In addition, building lots and gardens are getting smaller, leaving less room for a large pool. A Plunge Pool is considerably smaller, making it a space-saving option. Hence the great success! Although a Plunge Pool is limited in its size, it can be customized in every way possible to suit your needs. For example, you can think about the size, style and color of the pool, waterfalls, jets and pool lighting. We at Plunge Pools are happy to think with you so that even your own design can be realized.

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