“A design that fits seamlessly with the personal customer requirement”

We are known for it and we love it! Exclusive garden designs with strong lines, packed with atmosphere and experience. A design that fits your needs seamlessly. But how does an exclusive garden design that feels like a perfect fit for you actually come about?

The answer is simple. Because do you remember it? The real personal contact? The well-known click? At TIM Exclusive Gardens, getting to know you personally is absolutely top priority. Without the well-known click, no collaboration. In that, we are adamant. Is the click there? Then your dream garden is within reach. We make every effort to work with you to achieve the maximum result.

Everything starts with you

That means we first explore: how do you live, with whom and what moments of the day are valuable to you? Of course, the architecture of your home and its interior already give a little away. But to get to the essence of the task, we still ask a few more questions. Together with you, we will identify your wants, needs and explore the options available to you. The results of this study are the starting point of our collaboration.

Maximum results guaranteed! After all, we know that this аll follows our streamlined process, a clear shared objective and our years of practical experience.

The ultimate final destination: your dream garden

We take you into a world of experience and wonder. Each stage, we advise and guide you in making the best choices. With each choice, we get one step closer to your dream garden!

Our designs are characterized as sleek and modern, but above all are packed with atmosphere and exude allure. Refined details, superior materials and sensory plantings come together to form an experience in itself. Seamlessly tailored to you as the client.

You personally are our greatest inspiration. The food that drives our passion to the limit. Passion to contribute to your personal enjoyment of life, passion to grow and to explore and expand the boundaries of our creative minds.

Traveling together? Are you ready to enjoy? We challenge you to challenge us.

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