This modern villa is a concept by Egide Meertens Plus Architects. For this total project, we provided an exclusive interior. From living room, kitchen, bathroom and a 16-meter-long dressing room, to the wall coverings that tie it all together.

“A house doesn’t have to be big to be grand. Spaciousness is not achieved by more surface area, but by subtly using the third dimension, incorporating a captivating play of light and sight, and thoughtful organization.” – Egide Meertens

In doing so, we aligned our interior with his design and vision.

When designing, we always started from the client’s strong vision and conviction. Working with them, we transformed the concepts into photorealistic 3D renderings and eventually executable furniture. This without losing sight of the desired style.


The photorealistic 3D designs served as the touchstone for realizing the interior. It also provided a unique opportunity to test out ideas and details in the spaces. This allowed adjustments to be made where “reality” proved less convincing than expected.

Therefore, the client could count on us to deliver exactly what they had in mind. Meanwhile, we could verify that we had correctly understood their vision. This provided peace of mind for the client and gave mutual confidence that we were on the same page.


This wall covering in oak veneer forms the central part of this impressive new construction villa. It is not only an eye-catcher at the front door but also creates an enclosure around the staircase and central block. Following the thoughtful design of Egide Meertens, several rooms are located in this central module. Including the toilet, laundry room and stairs to the basement and floor. We clad this central block all around with large veneer panels with a tight shadow joint at the bottom and top. The spaces within it we hid behind quasi-invisible doors that reach room high. That way, the clean image was not disturbed.

At the entrance, the client chose to bring the veneer material in a rhythmic slatted pattern on an extremely matte-black background from Resopal’s luxurious traceless range.

Oak veneer wall coverings recur throughout the home. It forms the natural and warm touch within the exclusive interior of the entire home. In addition, we generally consistently revert to the same materials in the various areas of the home. Both in the kitchen, bathroom, dining room and in the bedroom and toilets. These recurring materials connect the different living areas. For the natural and warm touch, we chose Ivory Oak from the Shinnoki range. This qualitative and above all versatile material has allowed us to bring exclusive furniture to a variety of interiors over the years.


A kitchen with oak veneer fronts gives a luxurious yet natural look. The combination of oak veneer with clean white and black surfaces gives an exclusive modern look. The wood tones provide a warm touch and give a soft identity to the kitchen. Shinnoki’s Ivory Oak veneer is reused here. In addition, the tablet is made of white drawing-free Diresco composite. The impressive floor in Ceppo di Gres steered toward a measured dosage of material use when composing the kitchen furniture.

Plinths, decorative hardware or cabinet handles were reduced to the bare minimum. Wherever possible, closet doors were closely connected to floor and ceiling. By working with interior drawers, we further downsized the overall “look” of the kitchen. Handle-less operation of sliders and cabinet doors were therefore a logical choice.


With a love of sophisticated and delicious food, our customers were eager to translate this passion with kitchen appliances from Miele’s high end range.

Miele’s interactive cooker hood and induction cooktop play a crucial role in this.

The exhaust system detects when the cooktop is turned on and adjusts to power and conditions during cooking with variable suction, Also the light switches automatically and follows the cooking event. The extremely sleek design is peculiar to Miele’s “Artline” appliances.

Power outlets and mood lighting were provided behind a projecting splash plate, completely hidden from view. The niche in which the cooking hub is located is extremely tightly brought. This effect is achieved by overlapping the surrounding fronts with the niche.

The same styling was used for a recess in the cabinetry that houses the Miele oven and combi-steam oven. Again, this delivers a super sleek design. This method exudes peace and serenity and provides a stylish accent to the cabinetry.

In this way, the kitchen is not only pleasant to look at but also makes you want to cook.


For this space, we reverted to the solid materials and colors that recur throughout the home.

The open black cabinet serves as a bookcase / mood board and grows in content with the young family…. The modern and sleek aspect is added by the inset handle-less doors that break up the open layout. In addition, all wiring and appliances are concealed within the white cabinet.

A 5-piece drawer unit serves as additional storage. But also as a visual “wooden” beam that provides the foundation for the rest of the living room furniture. With handle-less drawers, this base does not become too obtrusive.

The client set the chalk lines using visual tools like Pinterest. In doing so, we provided a supporting role. Technical advice was given, layouts suggested and photo-realistic renders modeled. This is where this pleasant living room design is the result.


Egide Meertens envisioned in his design a nearly 16-meter-long wall in the upstairs hallway. This is to keep the bathroom and children’s rooms free of extra cabinets.

We matched the layout of the individual cabinets to the home. For example, each room door opens onto a set of closets that make up this impressively long closet wall that ends in the master bedroom. It can be closed by a fully recessed sliding door.

The sleek, modern character of the villa and its interior is maintained by two elements. On the one hand, the neutral white color that requires little attention. On the other hand, the doors were brought room-high and handle-less.

In the cabinetry we also integrated all the technology. These run through a pipe shaft from in the basement to upstairs. Thus, there is often a space that is lost. Through this shallow closet, we still managed to make the best use of the space. Thus, it can now serve as additional storage space for shoes, for example.

Here we see another way we matched the cabinetry to the home. By varying the door widths slightly, we were able to perfectly align the staircase and skylight with the closet on the landing.

In addition, we installed mood or night lighting along the entire length of the cabinet wall. This serves for orientation during the night.


In the master bedroom, the tone of the wall coverings continues. Unlike the central hub on the ground floor, here we work with narrower strips with seemingly randomly changing widths. This arrangement with recurring shadow joint gives a kind of planking and yet a different feel. Again, we worked with the client to find the right balance in combination with the white floor, white cabinet doors and the other large surfaces.

The bathroom with walk-in shower is hidden behind part of the wall covering. An open spacious feeling with yet a high level of coziness and security and an almost invisible compartmentalization of the bathroom.

This totally fits the image of an exclusive interior. An open feeling yet space apart.


On the floating drawer unit in veneer is a Corian custom tablet. In it, the sink is seamlessly incorporated. In addition, the bath volume on which the floating beam rests is constructed of that same Corian. The white, handleless drawer unit in line with the luxurious bath provides additional storage space.

The skylight over the bathtub combined with the large mirror area gives this compact bathroom a very light and spacious feel. The tap and light fixture take on the recurring black color.

The materials the bathroom is made of recur throughout the home. The white composite in the kitchen and toilet cabinets and the veneer in the wall coverings, living room and kitchen. This way we get a recognizable image that makes everything a finished whole.

Basic shapes without ornaments is entirely the customer’s taste.


A visionary architect and a client with a distinct style. Combined with our experience and distinct craftsmanship, it delivers this result.

During an intensive collaboration with our client, we mainly threw our expertise into the scales for the project. Thus, we exercised a supporting function. First, for visualizing the ideas. Second, for purging. And finally for implementation.

We are confident that we were able to offer our clients an exclusive interior in this exceptional home. We also knew how to meet the vision and the very high standards Egide Meertens always sets for his professionals. In doing so, we have satisfied residents as a result.

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