Purchasing steel doors checklist

Purchasing steel doors checklist

Want more natural light in your home? Are you looking for the optimal layout of your living space? Are you longing for new furnishings? The answer to this is: slim steel doors! But what should you consider? Here is my checklist:

How will I use the steel doors?
Pivot doors, sliding doors, doors with magnetic closure, they all have their specific advantages of use. Ask yourself how you will use the doors. Do you want to easily walk through them and then have them close automatically? Never be annoyed: ‘Close the door behind you’? Then pivot doors are ideal. Even if you have your hands full, a pivot door is easy to operate. Do you use steel doors only to separate the living room from the dining room at night? Want a quiet after-dinner chat as other family members watch an exciting movie? Then steel sliding doors are the solution. This modern en-suite offers everyone the privacy they need. Do you want to be able to open the doors further than 90°? Doors with pivot hinges can open as far as the wall allows. The magnetic closure closes them with a soft click.

What are the dimensions?
From an opening 160 cm wide, you can choose between double doors or a door with a side panel. Your walking route will become a determining factor in this. From 180 cm wide, double doors are a nice solution, although you can also choose a door in the middle with two side panels. From 300 to 320 cm wide, it is nice to make double doors and panels in a ratio of 1.5 or 1.6 (golden ratio). From 4 meters wide, you can make beautiful double sliding doors that slide all the way across the side panels. Can you determine the daylight size yourself? Then read again the blog item “How big shall I make the opening?

Where will the steel doors be?
Less transparency is needed between the hall and the living room than between the living room and the dining room. This affects the compartmentalization of the doors. But usage is also different. The door between the hall and the living room opens and closes countless times a day. En-suite doors are often open. Consider these factors in your choice of locking technology. You walk through a pivot door faster than a sliding door.

When can I have them in?
We understand that once you are enchanted by the slim steel doors, you want them as soon as possible. Three factors determine the delivery time: time of order, measurement and order of the glass. We can deliver within 8 weeks.

Important (detail) choices cannot be made online. That’s why you want to come to Made. Listen to how doors lock, discover unique details that add character and enrich your ideas. Only in real life and with good light on it, do you see what different atmospheres the various details carry. Some enhance the industrial atmosphere, others accentuate the minimalist design and yet another the rural look. You cannot leave this to chance. In the showroom, you can fit and measure with your senses and make a good choice. Let’s meet!

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