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A look behind the scenes at DE LAAT Quality Stuc

When we think of high quality stucco manufactured by experts with years of experience, we immediately think of one name: DE LAAT Quality Stuc. But what makes their craftsmanship so exceptional? In this blog post, we take you behind the scenes and show you how this company creates its beautiful and durable exterior stucco.

Exterior stucco is increasingly seen on large villas with beautiful thatched roofs, modern canopies, barns, chimneys, gabion walls and more. This trend has not escaped DE LAAT Quality Stuc. Therefore, they have adapted their techniques to meet this growing demand.

De Laat Quality Stuc

After all, in the world of exterior stucco, durability is no longer an afterthought, but a must. In addition to aesthetically enhancing a home, exterior stucco can also contribute to a better-insulated home. This is something that DE LAAT Quality Stuc values. Insulation boards are installed between the bricks and the stucco, providing complete insulation for the walls. This not only increases the energy efficiency of the house, but also contributes to the sustainability of the home.

One of the secrets behind the durability of this great company’s work is the unique construction of their exterior stucco. The process begins with the application of tempex insulation material, followed by a layer of reinforcement mesh to form a strong whole.

Then a layer of spachtelputz is applied. This small grain helps to make blemishes less visible. Finally, a layer of color pearl coating comes on top of the spachtelputz. This not only protects, but also provides a stylish matte finish. All this adds to the durability and ease of maintenance of exterior stucco. Although the stucco itself lasts a long time, the painting does need to be redone once in a while.

At DE LAAT Quality Stuc, exterior stucco is much more than just making a home beautiful. It is a matter of sustainability, trend awareness and attention to detail. All this ensures that each job is a unique reflection of craftsmanship, style and durability.

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