Quality Time at Home with Big Green Egg

Quality Time at Home with Big Green Egg

Summer atmospheres and mouthwatering dishes. Share recipes, exchange experiences, try new dishes and take your skills to the next level. Can you feel the inspiration bubbling?

Home is where your EGG is
A favorite saying of many EGGers. Valuable memories of delicious food and long evenings with friends and family. With the Big Green Egg as its shining centerpiece. Surprise your guests, surprise yourself. Exceed all expectations. Let the EGG do the work for you and celebrate the moment.

For this generation and the next
Cooking and enjoying food connects families and friends, cultures and generations. Everyone who tastes dishes made in a Big Green Egg falls for the unparalleled deliciousness. Surround yourself with family, friends, everyone you hold dear. This is how unforgettable moments are created. That’s what Big Green Egg stands for.

Share the love for green
EGGers carefully and lovingly prepare beautiful dishes, using pure products, for the very best results. Of course, then you also create the best atmosphere and hospitality, for everyone you love. Magical moments to remember. Light your Big Green Egg for any occasion and any time. Share the green love.

Cooking together is Quality time
Cooking alone is fun, cooking together is even more fun and then sitting at the table together and enjoying the results. Involve children in cooking with the Big Green Egg, too. We say; learned young…

Choose recipes for the kids where they can really actively help with the preparations.

Quality dishes for a Quality Time at Home
Meanwhile, you’ve probably already selected some great dishes for some pure Quality Time at Home. Want more dishes for inspiration? Then take a look at our recipe page. From the succulent tournedos to pike perch with eel and water mint. For every level, for every taste. The inspiration doesn’t stop!

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