QuintaLisque and top designer Osiris Hertman launch HEXAGON collection

QuintaLisque and top designer Osiris Hertman launch HEXAGON collection

Top Dutch Design in New Terracotta

With Osiris Hertman’s HEXAGON design collection, QuintaLisque adds a Dutch Design ‘touch’ to New Terracotta’s wide range of wall and floor tiles. A collection that has already achieved great fame internationally among architects, interior designers, small and large entrepreneurs, and, last but not least, individuals looking for wall and floor tiles that make a difference.

Design is Architecture
In the Summer edition of QuintaLisque Magazine, Osiris says, “Working with QuintaLisque and New Terracotta has helped me discover what is possible with tiles. It’s fascinating. Take their bright yellow tiles. They remind you of a delicious lemon cake you want to take a bite out of. When you tap it, it sounds like you have a porcelain cup in your hand. The quality of their products is unparalleled. For me, design should be architecture. It should feel like a part of the building, not a decorative layer.”

Hexa-Queen, Hexa-King enclose Hexa M
The HEXAGON Collection will do just that. The Hexa-Queen and Hexa-King have a wingspan of as much as 30 cm. They surround QuintaLisque’s Hexa M. That flat, centrally placed, tile is 1 cm thick and has a “point-to-point” centerline of 14 cm. The Hexa-Queen is a 3D tile, 2 cm thick in the middle, sloping to a 1 cm edge, thus matching the Hexa M in height. The Hexa-King is a flat tile 2cm thick. Placed around the Hexa M, this creates an “in & out” effect.

Dynamic Hexagonal Patterns
Late last year, QuintaLisque’s smashing collection of floor and wall tiles made top designer Osiris Hertman’s creative heart beat faster. He put himself at the drawing board and, in consultation with Liske Stellema of QuintaLisque, designed his own “tile parts.” The Hexa-Queen and the Hexa-King. In doing so, Hertman created the ability to lay dynamic carved patterns around a hexagonal core. He figuratively calls it “architecture for the wall.”

The HEXAGON Collection is commissioned by Portugal’s New Terracotta, the producer of the unique collection of handmade tiles brought to the Netherlands by QuintaLisque. New Terracotta has elevated the use of ancient ceramic techniques combined with modern manufacturing methods to art. All tiles are still made by hand, but certainly meet the most modern requirements for pigments, glazes and the “substrate” of the tile, the “bisque.”

Exclusively at QuintaLisque
Since its launch in early May, Osiris Hertman’s HEXAGON Collection has been available exclusively at QuintaLisque. Naturally available in virtually all colors and glazes with which New Terracotta impresses worldwide and QuintaLisque in the Netherlands.

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