Rainforest Lighting

Rainforest Lighting

“We realize atmospheric and fairy-tale lit gardens. As light artists, we create the perfect picture with light. Fully matching the customer, the garden, the environment and the home,” indicates Lars Mallant, founder and co-owner of the exclusively operating Rainforest Lighting. “Where gardeners and installers do garden lighting on the side, for Rainforest Lighting it is the core business. Through our knowledge, expertise and unique approach, we know how to achieve perfection in a garden. We don’t sell lamps, we create emotion and experience.”

Without a plan just stuffing a garden with lights like that. Lars Mallant and his team shouldn’t think about it. Rainforest Lighting’s work goes far beyond the random placement of lights or a ground spotlight under a beautiful tree. “If you start working without a plan or expertise, you get those Efteling gardens or an extra runway at Schiphol Airport. Often we see that too many lights with too much brightness are placed. There is no cohesion and work is done without an idea. It costs the client a lot of money, the landscaper or installer enjoys the profit margins on the many lamps and fixtures that are installed and the result does not match the client’s wishes. Then you live in a beautiful house, have everything in order and your garden, which you have also invested a lot of money in, doesn’t look like it at night,” says ambitious lighting designer Lars Mallant. Lars continues: “Although the realization that the garden lighting is not right often comes only after they have seen how it can also be done better. How a garden is illuminated when a specialist has been at work. A specialist who of course only works with renowned brands and products.”

Exclusive garden lighting
In poorly lit gardens, the quality company Rainforest Lighting also performs repair work at the customer’s request. The usable lamps are retained and supplemented with lights that provide the desired and perfect effect. Of course, the Huizen-based company also works in newly constructed gardens and in existing gardens that are not yet equipped with beautiful and good lighting. Each project is approached in the same way. “First, we take a look at the garden in daylight and get to know the residents. We then see if there is a click between us, discuss the budget, look at the possibilities of the garden and listen to any wishes. If everything is in order and we start a cooperation, we come back on an agreed evening for a light demonstration with our demo team. This demo is what makes our company so unique. During these hours, we look for the perfect arrangement and consistency of the garden lighting and see if certain fixed elements need to be lit. If so, we examine how best to illuminate them. In doing so, we obviously also consider the green elements in the garden and proceed carefully and with a plan. We can choose to illuminate a hedge, but if this hedge only forms a bare whole in the winter, it is of course no sight. We always look for the perfect overall picture that fits the customer exactly.”

Increasing the enjoyment of life
At the end of the lighting demonstration comes the moment suprème: the presentation to the residents. “The reactions? Joy. Disbelief. Amazement. That wow effect is what we’re really looking for, too.” Once the residents agree to the quote, the garden lighting is installed exactly as it was during the lighting demonstration and the residents can enjoy their beautiful garden daily. “It really enhances your enjoyment of life. You also have a good view of your garden in the evening and at night and, of course, it creates a beautiful picture. A fairy tale behind and around your home. That’s what we as Rainforest Lighting stand for and that’s what we achieve every time.”

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