Sliding doors 5 advantages 1 disadvantage

Sliding doors 5 advantages 1 disadvantage

In a previous blog, we did this for pivot doors. Now we list the advantages of sliding steel doors for you and also a point for your consideration. Here is our list:

Benefit 1: Optimal use of living space.

Sometimes there is no room to install a French door. The distance to the kitchen island may not allow this or the door may block the walkway and/or other doors. A sliding door offers a stylish solution to this. The advantage is that a sliding door does not swing out, but slides into the wall or even better: along it. All space is thus optimally utilized.

Benefit 2: Soft close closure

Feel free to throw the sliding door! It brakes itself and closes gently. This soft-close system is possible with both a closed rail and a “barn” rail with wheels in sight. With the latter system, external brakes ensure noiseless closure.

Benefit 3: Openness when possible, privacy when necessary

Not everyone in the house has the same agenda. Give them space! Close the slim steel sliding doors and you have an oasis of calm. Homework, gaming, watching TV and talking quietly, everything suddenly becomes possible. The same goes for your home office. Slide the slim steel doors closed and you can work and/or talk on the phone quietly. Openness when possible, privacy when necessary.

Benefit 4: Slide rails in different styles

With sliding doors, you have several options: the first is a closed sliding rail with soft-close. When you close this door, it brakes itself and closes gently. The sliding rail has a sleek design, making it more minimalist than the sliding system with the wheels in sight. This is the other option. We call this the “Barn” version. If you choose an overhead light, the wheels remain nicely visible on both sides. The industrial atmosphere is optimally conveyed by the wheels.

Benefit 5: New look and feel

Install sliding doors to replace old ensuite doors or give your home a new look. The black steel sliding doors are sleek and elegant. The combination of glass and steel gives you plenty of light. Separates spaces while preserving light! Go for an extra-large sliding door for maximum effect, choose a single door or just a double sliding door. Many things are possible to make new living pleasure according to your desire.

Disadvantage: Opens a little slower

Compared to a pivot door, a sliding door opens a fraction of a second slower. After all, you stand still for a moment when opening and closing a sliding door while with a pivot door you can simply walk through. In practice, you will find that a sliding door is often open. When necessary, you have the peace of mind to close it.

Where should I start?

Do you want steel sliding doors? Check out the “I want steel sliding doors” video. Of course you want to feel the doors. That’s why you want to come to the showroom. Let’s meet! You can easily make an appointmentthrough the site.

Naftali Leidelmeijer, Exclusive Steel

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