So when did you buy a true all-weather lounge set?

So when did you buy a true all-weather lounge set?

Outdoor Lifestyle has 15 years of experience in all-weather lounge sets. They are totally specialized in this and dare to say with ease that they have designed the best All weather lounge set with the longest warranty (10 years) currently available. They designed the sofa themselves 15 years ago and the entire superfast production takes place in the Netherlands. They are very proud of a 100% designed and 100% made in Holland product that will be in the customer’s garden within 2 weeks in every arrangement and color.

What should a truly functioning, comfortable all-weather lounge set meet?
An All weather lounge set should be able to be outside 365 days a year in all weathers without a winter cover. It must be 100% water permeable and ventilating. The right 100% water-permeable foam (quick dry foam) should be in it and have a super strong water-permeable and ventilating aluminum frame in it with a colorfast, quick-drying outdoor water-permeable fabric that feels the same as your soft indoor sofa. You read correctly everything must be permeable to water. Outdoor Lifestyle meets all requirements and provides a 10-year warranty on this with ease. Outdoor Lifestyle also specializes in exclusive quick-drying colorfast fabrics that have a luxurious appearance. Also, you can turn to them if you want a colorful lounge set with fantastic prints.

Outdoor Lifestyle has thought of that, too. The aluminum frame can be recycled. The quick dry foam can be reused and the fabrics can be turned in so they can be made into recycled fabrics. The fabric covers can be easily detached and machine washed but the set can be reupholstered after years if the customer wishes. The customer selects a fabric and so can put the new covers back on their existing lounge set.

What doesn’t work:
Waterproof fabrics with tightly sealed seams and have an inner filling of water-absorbing cold foam or polyether foam. These fabrics get sweaty on the legs and puddles of water stay on your sofa after a rain because the water cannot drain away. Sealed seams wear out over time and slowly flood your sofa with water. We also sometimes see a combination of cold foam and quick dry foam which, of course, also makes no sense because then only 50% of the water can drain away. These customers are disappointed, made an expensive purchase and after a few years they can throw away their so-called All weather sofa because the 2 to 5 year warranty has expired.

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