Soft and tough? Velour!

Soft and tough? Velour!

Wallpaper in 3d
Meijs wonen is constantly on the move. In our style rooms, we are happy to introduce you to current presentations of exclusive brands. Like, for example, this wallpaper by arte from the velveteen collection. Velvet (or velvet) gives a warm, elegant feel. The three-dimensional structure creates depth, insulates and therefore acts as a sound deadener. It fits perfectly with “modern stylish” and “hotel chic” interiors.

Velvet, velvet or velvet?
Velvet is the English and velour the French translation of our word “velvet. Within the interior design world, however, there is a difference between the designations. Velvet tends to be a bit heavier, more flexible and less shiny than velvet/velvet, which is why we often use it for curtains and furniture upholstery. In both cases we are talking about a cuddly fabric woven in a loop, which creates the beautiful nap (the dynamic light-dark effect).

Feel free to visit our showroom and be inspired to your heart’s content!

Images: Arte international

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