Steel doors in wooden frames, is it possible?

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On my desk is a callback request. A potential customer asks if steel exterior windows can be installed in existing wood frames. Currently, the client has uninsulated steel sections in there from the 1970s.

Steel exterior frames in existing wooden frames
Unconsciously, she has already given the answer herself. Currently there are also steel profiles in a wooden frame. It used to be done a lot indeed. In a monumental building it is also very beautiful: classic (thick) wooden window frames with slim steel frames inside, often in the same color. They used to have only the non-insulated steel profiles available to them. With current technology and expertise, it is possible to make insulated exterior window frames. The thermal bridge break and insulating glass ensure that heat stays inside without any loss of elegance. That way you don’t have to choose between comfort and design. And yes, these steel windows made of insulated steel profiles can also be installed in existing wooden frames.

What does that look like?
The steel window always comes in a steel frame. This is because one part of the hinge is welded to the window and the other part is welded to the steel frame. All technology is “wrapped” in steel. Then this steel frame is mounted in the wooden frame. This execution has historical precedent and it looks very exclusive.

Minimalist design
We are always looking for the leanest possible solution for you. Depending on what we are going to make, the dimensions and the technology we need to incorporate, we choose the slimmest steel profiles. If you like this minimalist design, then it is not a good idea to place the slim steel windows in a wooden frame. Without the wooden frames, the lines are sleeker. Then we have to remove them.

What about steel interior doors?
Technically it could be done with a wooden frame for a stub door. You then do it the same way you do with exterior doors. But the question is whether you like it. Steel interior doors we like to make as tall as possible. If we remove the wooden frame, we can make the opening bigger and higher. In this way, we can give the eye-catcher of your home more grandeur. The same goes for a pivot door. It rests at the pivot point on the ground and looks best in a smooth plastered opening.

We help you avoid pitfalls
Steel doors and windows in wooden frames, yes you can. But there are several technical and aesthetic considerations to consider together. Having doubts? Email us your question. A brief description will suffice. Please send along some pictures of the situation, it helps us in imaging.

Naftali Leidelmeijer, Exclusive Steel

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