Stories around the fire

Stories around the fire

“Since the garden has really become the extension of the living room, we have noticed a growing demand for outdoor fireplaces. People who are used to the comfort of a fireplace in the home miss the hearth when they are sitting outside and therefore decide to install a fireplace in the garden room or on the terrace. This allows them to enjoy the outdoors during the spring and summer evenings. An outdoor fireplace is therefore truly an enrichment of the pleasure of living. By providing comfort and warmth, but also by contributing to the coziness and atmosphere. A fireplace binds and connects people. Talking, eating and drinking in the evening is simply a lot nicer around or by a fireplace in the garden.”

“In prehistoric times, people were already sitting around a fire to communicate their ideas and experiences to each other. In essence, that idea is still within us. Storytelling around or by the fire. Although, of course, the way of communication has changed. And, of course, today’s fireplaces are more professional and beautiful than the campfires of prehistoric times… In the field of fireplaces, everything is possible with us, including outdoor fireplaces. Customers have a choice of wood-fired and gas-fired fireplaces. Wood-fired fireplaces are equipped with a custom or standard barbecue grill as desired. So this fireplace can serve purely as a heat source with a full fire, but can also be fired with coals for grilling. The gas fires can only be used as an attractive heat source.

The outdoor fireplace is still somewhat in the DIY corner. My advice is to handle this very carefully. If you get a fire basket from the hardware store and place it in the back of the garden, that’s fine, of course. But if you’re going to combine a fireplace in a room as an extension of the living room, you have to think very carefully about where to place the fireplace, whether or not the wind will have free rein and what will happen to the flue gases. After all, it’s not so nice to have your patio or living room completely covered in blue vapor or to have the entire neighborhood bothered by the smoke. And of course, the quality of the fireplace is very important. In essence, it’s about getting the inner workings and technology right. What else you want to build around the interior is not of technical importance.

Since 1970, we have distinguished ourselves with our craftsmanship, customization and exclusivity. With heart and soul, we design and realize beautiful fireplaces. Pure traditional Dutch craftsmanship. That fact, we find, has been a reason for people to choose us lately. Of course, people can have a hearth by the box from one of the low-wage countries and later have it nicely wrapped, but that still gives a different feeling. People want, and I see this in other industries as well, to return to the feeling of Dutch customization. To the craft. Following tradition. They want products that have soul and soul in them. To a product that allows them to transcend the masses.”

Niels Boley is managing director of Boley Exclusive Fireplaces. Since the 1970s, the family business has been realizing heartwarming design, whether traditional wood-burning fireplaces or comfortable gas fireplaces. Always listening to the individual desire. Founded in 1970, the company stands for class, craftsmanship and creative design.

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