Summer’s Magazine from QuintaLisque

Summer’s Magazine from QuintaLisque

Because although our tiles are very telling, they don’t tell àll, we also produce a Magazine twice a year. In late July, we sent out the Summer Edition: “Pure Intuition in Ceramics.”

Our regular editor Connie Lohuis took a look at one of the many homes where we were allowed to install our tiles. She met a happy customer with a “Golden Floor” and elicited from her a beautiful story about writing about Africa and living on the Wide View. She also visited interior designer Nicole Dohmen of Atelier ND Interior in Amsterdam. An enthusiastic and talented woman who, as a matter of course, gives our tiles a prominent place in her projects. Nicole wants her clients to be happy with their interiors. So do we, so that’s convenient.

Art and craft are always featured in our Magazine. Henri Matisse created a Chapel with ceramics and glazed glass in Vence, southern France. How did he do that? What inspired him ? What inspires Isabel Leitão Cymerman, the driving force behind New Terracotta ? I talked with her in the factory in the North of Portugal, learned a lot about “colors, colors, colors,” and heard how she merged craft and modern techniques. Isabel delivers a unique achievement in the world of design and architecture with its ceramic products. Very impressive and inspiring.

Speaking of design, how about our collaboration of Holland’s top designer Osiris Hertman. He “fell” for our tiles and immediately designed 2 tiles that surround a hexagonal tile. Thus, fantastic 3-dimensional patterns can be created on the wall. Because, says Hertman in our Magazine, “design should be architecture!” You can with his Hexagon Collection.

The name of fellow entrepreneur Sandra van der Werf’s company says it all: Via eStudio Béton Ciré. She supplies high-quality, very fine concrete stucco that is wax-treated and, recently, “metal stucco.” Matches our tiles perfectly. But, we actually went to visit Sandra because in addition to “stucco,” she also sells artisanal French bread and pâtisserie in her NOE stores in Amsterdam. How did we know? In the NOE stores, they applied our KISS tiles. Tiles for the baker.

It is a privilege and a pleasure to tell in our Magazine about the people we have come to know through our collection of wall and floor tiles. Selling tiles is of course our “core business,” but meeting people who love their home, business or office so much that they come to us to pick out tiles is where we really get a “kick” out of it. That’s what QuintaLisque Magazine is all about. Would you like to subscribe ? Can be on our home page. Online browsing is available here.

Make it a great summer.

Until QuintaLisque !!!

Liske Stellema

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