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In recent years, for many owners, a water feature in the garden has become an element that completes their garden experience. More and more also, the classic swimming pools are giving way to a new hype: the swimming pond.

Aqua Art in Kalmthout is one of the pioneers in this sector. With 30 years of experience in the design and construction of all types of water features, this company has all the know-how to guarantee your swimming pleasure to perfection.

That a swimming pond is gradually replacing the classic swimming pool has its reasons.

First, there is the aesthetic aspect. As increasing attention is paid to garden design and outdoor living, harmonious landscaping is of utmost importance. A swimming pond is not a blue eye-catching surface but part of the whole picture. Such a water feature also attracts life to the garden: hedgehogs, squirrels and birds will join in enjoying this oasis. Even in winter, this view draws the tranquility of the outside in. After all, you don’t need to replace the water so you can enjoy it in any season.

Moreover, a swimming pond is not drastically harmful to the environment, its surroundings and its users. Because using naturally filtered water with no chemicals added is healthier for the skin, eyes and respiratory system. After all, the water is not “killed” but the healthy bacteria are preserved. Swimming in living water is a very special sensation!

At Aqua Art we specialize in the better version of swimming ponds especially bio and hybrid pools. Because of the ionization system in a biobath, algae formation is prevented and you, the user, have 80% less work in maintaining and keeping your water feature clean. A sand filter and robot will do this for you. Thanks to a heat pump, the water can be heated to a pleasant 27 degrees, something that is not recommended with a traditional swimming pond.

In a hybrid pool, during the winter months, the sand filter function is turned off and a bypass system is used to filter the water through plants and minerals. During the summer months, oxygen water is added in doses to keep the water clear, and in this sense, a hybrid pool leans more closely to a traditional pool.

Whatever you choose, a swimming pond from Aqua Art is always a good choice.

Not only is the range of shapes and sizes almost inexhaustible, the cost also plays to your advantage. Because while a classic swimming pool has a fairly high annual maintenance cost , a swimming pond requires only a tenth of this amount. A one-time annual inspection of the equipment is sufficient to keep the operation of the system on point.

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