Take a dive with OWAplan®

Take a dive with OWAplan®

The enjoyment of an indoor pool is a luxury every person has dreamed of since childhood. Taking a refreshing dip at your convenience and swimming with friends. That sounds too good to be worth it – and it is, if you haven’t made the right choice in ceiling….

Acoustic discomfort in swimming pools
Swimming pools are known for their high noise levels. Because water reflects sound, it creates shrill sounds, echoes and loud reverberation. The presence of tiles and windows reinforces this. When you are alone you will not notice much of this. Only when you receive guests do you experience how unpleasant poor acoustics can be. This makes a specialist view of acoustics essential during the design process of indoor swimming pools.

OWAplan® in indoor swimming pools
OWAplan® seamless ceiling systems are moisture resistant, which makes it ideally suited for indoor swimming pools. As a result, you do not have to fear mold. The acoustic spray work looks like stucco, making it blend in flawlessly with the rest of your interior. Only when visual appeal and optimal acoustics are in harmony do your design or home really come to life. So with an acoustic ceiling system from OWAplan® you are guaranteed to delight both the eye and the ear, even at the pool.

The invisible luxury of OWAplan®.
Acoustics is something few think about in the design phase of a space. This makes it the most underrated and invisible form of luxury. The high-quality ceiling system from OWAplan® brings warmth to any type of room. It is also no coincidence that OWAplan® is popular in leading restaurants, hotels and museums and, as a result, is increasingly used in luxury residential construction. The high absorption value eliminates noisiness in large rooms.

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