Tantalizing doors and nuances that excite the eye

Tantalizing doors and nuances that excite the eye

The door is an essential part of the décor. By personalizing them, by playing with colors and materials, you create atmosphere and create an interior with a subtle luxurious feel. For the concept of these innovative pivot doors, interior architect and furniture designer Remy Meijers sketched the contours; pivot doors with subtle lines that give space for individual wishes.

“The atmosphere in your home is determined by individual pieces of furniture and fixed elements, such as kitchens and doors. Inseparably, these are connected to each other and the architecture of your home. They are not separate elements, but together form your signature. I create from that basic idea,” Meijers says.

Designs of his are distinguished by timelessness and a sober refined look. At the same time, they are eye-catchers. “Subdued, my designs blend in with the surroundings, while refined details subtly draw attention. Like an understated statement.”

Architecture and interior come together
When TWIN DOORS approached Meijers to design a collection of steel pivot doors, he stayed true to his vision. “Because of their functionality, doors are often overlooked as interior elements. We accept the doors that are in the house and don’t give them any extra thought. Only when we are made aware of the possibilities or experience how doors can contribute to the atmosphere, this changes and people see how a beautifully designed door brings the interior and architecture together.” Meijers points out that we need to look at these major elements differently. “A door is not only functional. A designer door enriches your home and gives it sophistication. Such as pivot doors without frames or doors that reach to the ceiling. In addition, the combination of aluminum and glass optically creates space. Beautiful details and materials are the finishing touch.”

Expressive possibilities
According to Meijers, aluminum doors fit any interior design plan. “That’s why they are so popular.” In addition, TV shows and social media influence our décor. “Interior design has become much more visible in recent years and people are daring to make more expressive choices,” he explains. That’s where TWIN DOORS responds. “Within the frameworks of traditional steel pivot doors – with a rigid surface division – they offer many creative possibilities as well as room for personalization. For example, by applying marble or inserting wood and leather, you can personalize your doors.”

The entire interior door is customizable, but: what is Meijers’ ideal door? “In the ‘Remy house’ there will be pivot doors with soft gray profiles, inlaid with a slightly darker shade of gray leather. A very subtle shade of color with rich detailing; a combination of simplicity and nuances that excites the eye.”

Creativity and ingenuity
The collection Meijers designed for TWIN DOORS is an inspiration for creativity. But, through his attention to detail, he also triggered Plan Effect’s technical ingenuity. “The beautifully finished doors with mitred profiles were the starting point. You don’t just want to supply these in black. We want to offer people choices as well as room for their own interpretation. And … be innovative.”

Meijers innovated with the engineers of Plan Effect. “During the design process, I noticed that all the pivot doors have a lower sill of at least 12 inches. Why, I wondered. At Plan Effect, pivot doors are made of aluminum, which is a strong metal. I asked: can the profiles on the bottom be as wide as the profiles on the side (3 cm)? Then the visual threshold between spaces falls away and it makes the door so much slimmer. Through Plan Effect’s technical elaboration, that was realized and a unique collection was created, 100% Dutch design and craftsmanship.”

Photography: Raphaël Drent

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