The applicability of Millboard

The applicability of Millboard

Inspired by the beauty of nature and manufactured to surpass it.

Millboard, a wonderful brand of outdoor flooring from the UK. A company that cares about its impact on nature. The Millboard Way; being as sustainable as possible while ensuring that the customer receives the best product.

Unlike conventional deck boards, Millboard is almost indistinguishable from real, does not rot, requires virtually no maintenance and does not warp. In addition to its UV and weather resistance, it is also stain resistant. Also, algae does not get a chance to adhere due to the special Lastane top layer.

In addition to Millboard decking and decking, we see another trend (continuing) to emerge. This by using the planks in a different way than a “standard” deck or scaffolding. It is great to see how creativity enhances the applicability of Millboard. Of course, the benefits it offers are not only applicable to exterior floors. What about facade cladding, fences, border edges, luxury flower boxes, (patio) tables and benches. They hardly discolor, are shatterproof and have high anti-slip both when wet and dry and are easy to clean without chemicals.

Also, the combinations that can be made between floors, walls and other applications enhance creativity and can provide just that extra finesse in your garden or outdoor living space.

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