The art of landscaping

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Landscaping, you’ve probably heard of it before. But what exactly is it, how does it differ from a landscaper and why should you choose a landscaper? We believe the art of landscaping is all about a unique garden experience. Landscaping brings all the principles of a garden together in a good design. Buytenryck specializes in designing different styles of gardens. Whether a large villa garden or small modern garden; we know how to turn any garden into a dream garden.

The added value of a landscaper

Landscaping is often underestimated. It’s a craft; not just anyone can design a garden. Landscapers must possess a wide range of skills. It all comes down to creativity, the right choice of materials, a sense of style and a lot of knowledge. In addition, patience and empathy are also important. Your wishes and ideas are the starting point of the design process. The key to a dream garden is working together!

A custom design: the first piece of the puzzle

Once all the requirements and possibilities are clear we start designing. Off to the drawing board for the first sketches! We choose not to repeat but rather to take unique steps. A garden design that fits you and your situation, the first piece of the puzzle. That is the job of a landscaper, and we get excited about that!

Architectural styles

Buytenryck believes landscaping is important for any garden, large or small. An architect must be able to switch between different gardens and styles. Every garden deserves its own identity; a creation that you can be sure is contemporary and at the same time has a special character.

Wooded garden in the middle of greenery

A modern villa on the forest edge of Zeist, situated on a land of heirloom pine trees. The character is already in the roots, we were allowed to carry this through to the rest of the garden. With green and anthracite, opposites on paper, but in this garden design in harmony. The result is a sturdy garden that yet evokes tranquility.

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Country garden in Amerongen

On the forest edge of Amerongen stands this villa. In the wooded surroundings, this rural villa is a feast for the eyes. The gravel intensifies the rich look and the lawn provides cohesion with the surroundings. The hundreds of flowers blooming here at the same time add the final touch.

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Low maintenance and sleek garden

The client’s preference was for low-maintenance and sleek gardens. The result is a modern garden with beautiful sight lines. Moreover, the garden is fully equipped with high-quality artificial grass, designer tiles and a beautiful terrace. Pergolas provide connection and cozy garden rooms.

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Playful Villa Garden

This playful villa garden in Zeist is truly a garden to dream of. The wild growing plants with the perfect lawn give the area a playful look. The chic castle gravel finishes it off thanks to its stylish champagne color.

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Landscaper Buytenryck

Buytenryck specializes in the design, construction and maintenance of exclusive gardens. Lush vegetation, unusual shapes, unique plants and sustainable materials. We always look for the right mix between architecture and the environment.

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