The custom wooden kitchen: authenticity and a rich atmosphere

The custom wooden kitchen: authenticity and a rich atmosphere

Wooden kitchens breathe coziness. In addition to a warm and cozy look, a wooden kitchen is always unique. Not only because we customize kitchens according to your wishes and advice, but also because wood naturally has its own authentic profile. In short; your wooden kitchen has its own fingerprint. We as experts in custom kitchens will be happy to tell you all the ins and outs about the wooden kitchen!

Scandinavian wooden kitchen
Serenity is the central theme in the stylish scandinavian wooden kitchen. With light colors, organic materials and minimalism, you come home to an oasis of calm. For many, a wonderful prospect after a busy work day. That the Scandinavian wooden kitchen has become a real favorite is no surprise!

Family from Horst, also owners of this dream kitchen: “The whole experience really appealed to us.” Read more about this Scandinavian dream kitchen project.

Country wooden kitchen
A warm welcome is guaranteed in the country wood kitchen. The rich, nostalgic experience offered by a country kitchen is due in part to the use of natural materials. Wood is an indispensable part of that. Today’s rustic wooden kitchen possesses characteristic elements, but is equipped with state-of-the-art kitchen appliances. Comfort meets appearance!

The Berden family did not hide their happiness with their new dream kitchen: “It turned out even more beautiful in real life than we could have imagined beforehand, thank you!”

Modern wooden kitchen
Several styles merge in the modern wood kitchen. A modern kitchen is known for its graphic lines and contemporary design. By itself a quiet and sleek kitchen interior choice. Will you choose a wooden cabinetry or other wooden elements in your overall look? Then you create a perfect harmony in material and aesthetics.

The Jennissen family says, “We found the cooperation with the Mulder to be very pleasant, and we are extremely happy with the end result!”

Different types of wood in wooden kitchens
All wooden kitchens are handmade in our own factory. The possibilities of this organic material type are truly endless. Read on to learn more about different types of wood.

Scaffoldwood kitchen
Scaffoldwood kitchens are charming and robust. One advantage of a scaffoldwood kitchen, is that this type of wood is easy to maintain. In general, wood becomes more beautiful as time passes. This is also certainly the case with a scaffoldwood kitchen.

Oak kitchen
Oak kitchens can be completely molded to your favorite color palette. Choose natural oak or go for a stained oak kitchen in your favorite shade. Oak is robust and sturdy. You will enjoy a well-maintained oak kitchen for decades.

Solid wood kitchen
With a solid wood kitchen, you really have something special in your home. Rugged, organic and tough; only with solid wood do you really bring rugged nature inside. Character is the key word. Solid wood kitchens need attention and love, but they are also very durable.

Custom advice on your wood kitchen?
Can you already see yourself unwinding in your country white kitchen white with wood? Or are you looking more for a sturdy wooden kitchen with darker colors and robust materials? Or can’t you figure it out? Then get advice! Make an appointment and we will provide you with personalized advice!

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