The HIVE 2320

The HIVE 2320

An inspiring place for construction professionals

Construction professionals and private (re)builders will find a unique and inspiring environment at The HIVE 2320. This groundbreaking project is specifically designed to bring together driven and forward-thinking construction professionals. It provides a connection point between innovative building solutions and the construction professionals who want to apply them in their projects.

The Power of Construction Professionals

Construction professionals, including architects, interior designers, engineering firms, contractors and distributors, are the focus of The HIVE 2320. They share a common challenge: How can we build sustainably, ecologically and affordably for our clients?

The HIVE 2320 provides a unique opportunity for construction professionals to meet, exchange knowledge and discover new innovations in the construction industry. It is an inspiration center where they can learn and meet like-minded souls.

Events for Construction Professionals

The HIVE 2320 regularly hosts events specifically for construction professionals. These events provide an opportunity to invite partners, construction professionals and individuals for consultations, demonstrations and explanations. In this way, they can jointly work on sustainable and innovative building solutions. There is also an event this year with on Thursday, June 1, 2023 from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. with speaker Patrick O. former CEO of Viessmann and pioneer in the field of energy transition.

In addition, The HIVE 2320 also opens its doors to private (re)builders one Saturday a month. On these days, they can learn about the latest innovations in the construction industry. Sustainability, ecology and affordability are the focus of these events. As a (re)builder, you will go home with new knowledge and inspiring ideas.

An Integrated Overall Picture

What sets The HIVE 2320 apart is the integrated overall picture it offers building professionals and (re)builders. It is an inspiration center where you can not only discover innovative building solutions, but also have the opportunity to meet partners, seek advice and collaborate on sustainable projects.

Whether you are a construction professional who believes in the power of innovation or a private (re)builder pursuing sustainability, The HIVE 2320 offers a stimulating environment where you can grow, learn and gain new ideas.

For more information about The HIVE 2320 and its events for construction professionals and private (remodeling) builders, please visit The HIVE 2320‘s official website. Discover how this inspiring project brings building professionals and (re)builders together to shape the future of sustainable building and innovation.

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